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  1. I generally prefer olives to the twist, but I'll do a lemon rind occasionally. I never do two olives... always one or three. Gotta observe protocol. addendum: For vermouth, I always have Perucchi and Dolin on hand. Of those, I tend to prefer the Dolin. Martini & Rossi is pretty much awful, and I'm honestly not a fan of Noilly Pratt...but I understand that there has been a recipe change and it used to be better. I didn't really start building good Martinis until after that change, so I guess I just never hopped on that particular train. I've never tried Ponte. I'll keep an eye out for that. How's it stack against Dolin?
  2. A bar I'm familiar with here in Tx does some great things with carbonated Carpano Antica as an ingredient.
  3. Just stumbled in here. For what it's worth, here's my preferred Martini to date: 4 parts Anchor Distilling's Junipero gin 1 part Dolin dry vermouth 1 dash orange bitters Stirred, always.
  4. My grandfather used to do that with buttermilk. I always thought it was the height of disgusting.
  5. Yes to the melted butter. Sweet? It should be naturally sweet, and a little bitter -- no cloying sugar in there. And ideally, it should be cooked in a cast iron skillet lined with bacon drippings. And, though I like to cook...I have to say that Morrison's Corn-Kits from Denton, Tx, are just about the perfect cornbread mix. If you have not had it, order some...
  6. Sugar in cornbread is a travesty.
  7. ^ that. Flouting federal law is not really something I recommend doing, nor am keen to do -- let alone discuss on public fora. That said - suggestions for good brands of white dog? Bear in mind that I can't get the DP down here.
  8. I will concur that almost every commercial corn whiskey I have had, tastes like tails to me. Enough so that I have just begun to accept that as characteristic of the spirit. Also, I haven't tried the above drink with any other bitters yet, but I may. I did try it with a single slice of muddled jalapeno that got strained out in the pour -- that added a nice dimension. Tonight, I may try a white dog alexander.
  9. I know I am not alone in thinking that white corn whiskey is vile, vile stuff. I decided to challenge myself to make a cocktail that tamed it into something not just palatable, but good. So far, I came up with this guy White corn whiskey, grand marnier, jalapeno/black pepper simple syrup, lime juice, kaffir lime and angostura bitters, egg white. It's not bad. Any other ideas?
  10. Next year, I'm just gonna take all my own spirits - base included - in small 3oz bottles.
  11. Overall, I thought SACC was a lot of fun. (It's just not possible to make that acronym into anything good, is it?) It was pretty disorganized, however, but it's their first one...so some kinks are to be expected. The cocktail competition itself was incredibly disorganized. Well in advance, we were provided a list of available base spirits and told we would have ten minutes to prepare a cocktail. We were informed that lemons, limes, and oranges would be provided, as would mint, the entire range of Fee Brothers bitters, crushed ice, large format ice, and Kold Draft, and that we needed to bring any bar tools, garnishing tools, any other fruits, and any drink modifiers. We were also to bring our own glassware for presentation. Sounds straightforward. In reality, they had no citrus fruit at all -- just carafes of juice. No mint was found anywhere. There was no check on time -- several contestants spent up to 30 minutes doing things like hand-beating egg foams. They had tons of spirits that were not on the list (for example Scotch. No Scotch was on the list at all, and yet they had tons of it.) My station behind the bar had no under-counter, no cutting board... The fancy vintage glasses everybody brought ended up in a loose "go dig through it and claim your own" pile in a backroom bus bin. Lots of folks grumbling about that one... Hope they have some of this ironed out next year. As for my drink...I knew once they announced the judges that I probably wouldn't place at all. My drink was fairly boozy, and the judges were mostly local news anchors and the like... But it was a good drink, I was proud of it, and I could at least hold my head high. I ended up doing a take on a Manhattan: 100 proof rye, Carpano Antica, Cynar, dash of some good absinthe, glass rinsed with Islay Scotch. Garnished with a lemon peel. I appropriately called it the "Eleventh Hour".
  12. If our hosts don't mind me using their kitchen, I could whip up a ginger citrus simple before the event. That's certainly a possibility, and it sounds like a good one... I'm probably overthinking this, though. I'm an enthusiastic amateur who makes a lot of home cocktails and has read a lot. There are going to be a lot of pros at this thing, so it's not like I'll win anyway -- I should just make a cocktail I can be proud of.
  13. After tasting some tests side by side, I totally agree -- overproof it is! The Cynar version tastes pretty great, but I worry some about the color. The Campari has such a nice, striking color to it. I worry some about the Canton, too -- it feels....cheap? to use Canton. What could I maybe use instead? Something equally sweet. Agave nectar? Demerara syrup? Maybe instead of an ounce of Canton, 3/4oz Cocchi Americano and 1/4oz of.....something?
  14. Foolishly entering an original cocktail competition at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference...very last minute, spur of the moment, etc. I was thinking of making a drink inspired by an Old Pal: rye, canton ginger, either campari or aperol, dash of homemade aromatic bitters...thinking of lemon peel for garnish. Maybe flamed orange would be better? I also have some pretty boss homemade brandied cherries, but that seems like it would be overkill. My question, then: what can I do that would really make a combo like this sing? What could I add? What sort of inventive garnish might be neat? Should I use regular rye (they have Russel's Reserve on the list) or overproof (they have Wild Turkey 101)?
  15. We should have some variety of Austin get-together. Maybe for the holidays at some point? Or shortly after. Eric? Imp? Id? Greune? Mig? Artemis? Anybody else? It has been shamefully long since I have seen some folks, and there are new things worth tasting.