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  1. Found this local absinthe today. Distilled at Wollersheim about an hour from my house. It's clean with a nice angelica, lavender, sweet anise, and wormwood flavor profile. http://www.wollersheim.com/spirits/absinthe
  2. I found this old Legendre Absinthe bottle while looking for old records today. No decent records. Having a local beer tonight though.
  3. This is a delicious absinthe. There was a lot of passion that went into it, there is no doubt. I will say that there are some heavy differences between this and the last bottling and I feel sure that the major difference is the Wormwood. I remember sometime ago a discussion about Pernod nabbing up a years worth of Pontarlier Wormwood... It's really too bad that an artist like Stefano didn't get a chance to work with it this time. There still is a vintage quality to this absinthe but it is not as true as the last bottling I had. That bottle was much closer to vintage Edouard. Sadly, I was really hoping for something that would be the same as the prior bottlings - but I find nothing wrong in supporting folks that have a true passion for making absinthe and making it very well.
  4. I think that absinthe prices are crazy high. For the same amount of money I can by a whiskey that has been aged at least 18 years and it will last for a long time in the bottle. ​That should take care of the apples to oranges fallacy in my statement. After thousands of hard earned dollars spent over 15 years on many mediocre brands I feel like I can make an honest statement about pricing. Just because production is on a smaller scale that by no means allows for the mediocre/drinkable absinthe producers to charge a premium rate. Stefano, you make a product that I do consider to be a premium product and I have no issue paying for that. I like absinthe and I am probably one of the 200 or so people in US that continues to purchase commercial absinthe on a regular basis because I like it. At $65 - $85 a bottle for a drinkable absinthe - Absinthe will just remain a novelty drink for the majority of consumers.
  5. From my posts at FeeVerte - January 8th I am drinking a glass of Jade Edouard that was distilled in 2014. The bottle was opened 36 hours ago and the flavor, color, nose, and body are all amazing. I remember the last bottle of Edouard I had from 2012 started this way. I wanted to pour every one I knew a glass… That didn't last! By the end of our time together, the 2012 became acrid and thin and it made me question whether I was delusional or just ready to move on. I have all of the current Jades including the Eau de Vie and I am interested in monitoring how long they remain fresh. I have opened the 1901, the Edouard, the N.O. and the Coeur De Jade. I am going to wait to open the Terminus and the Verte Suisse. January 9th I've noticed that Jade will change over time. At the beginning it is amazing and over the next few weeks it opens up. After that I noticed that it declines. This is after a few months after the bottle is open though. Best not to be a hoarder I guess… That is ten years worth of bottles. I have had a few kind friends who have gifted me more than once. Two dollar bill is a fine song but Moonshiner is more fitting in this case. When the bottle gets empty it sure ain't worth a damn. moonshiner A video from my old group. January 11th I am sitting down to my first glass of Terminus. It is very good. The hyssop is of great quality and it gives this absinthe an overall note of honey. The wormwood tastes like a Swiss harvested variety rather than a Pontarlier but it really is great. There is a dramatic interplay from the bitterness of the wormwood and sweetness of the anise and hyssop. After trying the Coeur De Jade I was able to taste where the spirit ends and the flavors of the herbs begin. Everything is working together in a fantastic and harmonious way. This is a delicious absinthe and it is really unique compared to the other absinthes in the Jade line. To me it seems the entire line got a re-boot. There are no funky swampy notes to the alcohol base, the color is once again rich and full, and the flavors are complex. I hope that the contents in the bottles last a while. For now they are very, very good. Definitely worth trying if you like Jade. January 12th "Now that the bottle has been opened, try it again in a week and tell us if it has changed." - Jaded Prole I plan on it. I also noticed this on the Jade website - Note: The flavor of this absinthe blooms significantly after the bottle has been opened, and a portion of its contents decanted and allowed to breathe for a day or two. The flavor will continue to develop even further over the course of a few more days January 13th I had a glass tonight that was still very good. January 17th The Terminus was amazing the day that I opened it. It has changed a little bit ~ It is still very good but it doesn't quite have the WOW factor as it did upon opening. Terminus would be a great bottle to open at a party, finish that night and just enjoy it. Like a bottle of wine. I think that is the way people did it back in the day? Get a group of four or five friends together, take a trip to the cafe, open a bottle of Edouard Pernod or Berger, finish it and repeat the following day. It's too bad prices limit that kind of experience today! COLOR BEFORE WATER 8/10 Vibrant and clear with a nice visibly green hue. LOUCHE ACTION 8/10 Dramatic swirling action that builds up to an full opaque louche. COLOR AFTER WATER 8/10 It looks like a glass of absinthe. AROMA 28/30 Great base, very nice Hyssop and wormwood aromas. No Jade funk detected. MOUTH-FEEL 8/10 Very full and creamy. TASTE 18/20 Delicious. There is a dramatic interplay between the sweet hyssop and anis and the bitter of the wormwood. Everything works together in harmony and makes for a great glass of absinthe. OVERALL IMPRESSION 8/10 I enjoyed this as much as I did vintage Cusenier Oxygenee - That said, they are really not at all similar but I don't think that was Ted's intention. PERSONAL NOTES crafted :Jun 2014 Total - 86 I am enjoying a glass right now. The flavor has changed slightly but it is not bad. I think the hyssop mellows once the bottle bottle is open. In my opinion, Terminus is still an awesome absinthe! It is unique and has a lot going for it. It isn't necessary to drink it in one sitting, that is for sure. I have had bottles of Jade last for months. In my opinion they are best in the first few weeks though. I think that absinthe prices are crazy high. For the same amount of money I can by a whiskey that has been aged at least 18 years and it will last for a long time in the bottle. Sorry for the cut and paste. Maybe a moderator can swipe the highlights.
  6. Today was a perfect day for a few glasses of absinthe.
  7. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/06/travel/on-the-absinthe-trail.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&version=Moth&module=inside-nyt-region&region=inside-nyt-region&WT.nav=inside-nyt-region&_r=0 Absinthe in the New York Times.
  8. First Sazerac of the year followed by some cherry bounce. What I am I drinking tonight? I am not sure yet, it's still morning.
  9. When nosing the glass I get a bitof a lacquer note, fennel, pepper, anise, dusty hyssop, young spirit. Initially it reminds me of something familiar. New Herbsaint? If only in passing. Vibrant greenish yellow in color. Adding water and sugar, the louche happened very fast. Nose - very bright, sweet floral scent, anise. Fresh green anise. Wormwood and Hyssop play a strong supporting role. Full water - I get a lot of candiedscents. Reminiscent of black licorice. Flavor. Very sweet entry - bright - tight - fruity. Wet fresh anise. Reminds me of a Spanish Absenta in a way, sans citrus, I do taste a bit of lemon balm, but it is quickly replaced by the fruity sweetness of the fennel and hyssop?. 10 minutes after initial tastings-I am really reminded of a few Spanish absinthes that I've had. sitting down a few days later for aglass with out sugar. Different experience all together... Getting more of the dusty hyssop now and the fruitiness that I was tasting before, is more likely coming from the wormwood. ...Juicy-Fruit... I am still getting that fresh green anise flavor. Not using sugar was defiantly a major improvement with this absinthe. Not that it is a lightly flavored though; the sugar just flattened my experience. I am enjoying this as well made every day absinthe. I've had a lot of HG's and there are many shared similarities with this absinthe... Sources maybe? Looking forward to seeing it around. †‹
  10. I like the little guy on the back of the bottle who is throwing this crapsinthe in the trash.
  11. Ok, so I feel guilty about saying this but... After a long fling with Negronis and Campari I've developed a fondness for bitter. While in Chicago I got a bottle of Abyss made by Lemercier and actually (it pains me to say) liked it... I am at home now with an 8 year old bottle of their Lemecier AMER and I kind of like the bitter finish... I feel like i've spent the night with a hooker... or worse yet... Dr. O...
  12. Lyndale Liquors was once a three minute walk from my old place... I am now five hours away... Marc, I am now in SW Wisconsin and would love to find Pacifique on a local shelf!