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  1. It doesn't look gross, but the thought of drinking it... ughhh... Ok, so I'm curious...what's it made of...
  2. I have a feeling that she's never had absinthe.
  3. Lucid's website has a recipe called wolf's bite, which looks cool. It's green on the bottom with a burnt red at the top.
  4. So if there are sand crystals in the glass, what would they look like?
  5. That's what I meant. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
  6. What an awesome name! Nice to meet you Grim! I'm one of the new crowd and looking forward to seeing you around.
  7. So I'm planning to make some mead. I have about 10 different mead variations I want to try. I guess to start off with, though, I'll try making a pumpkin mead in time for Thanksgiving and a Christmas mead in time for Christmas. I'm thinking that I can use my peppermint tea to give the mead a Christmas flavor.
  8. Ah.. the world of tea. The Gong Fu Tea looks very appealing. I would love to drink tea like that. Must save up my money for a Gong Fu set... right after money for mead-making and the Vikingship. During the Revolutionary War, the British had a very high tea tax (part of the reason for the Boston Tea Party...dumping all the tea in the water). So it became patriotic to refuse to buy tea as a way of refusing to pay the British taxes. Instead people began drinking coffee, which became the national drink of choice. Coffee is still way more popular than tea today; although personally, I hate coffee. I prefer Southern tea, which is "Sweet Tea" where you add a load of sugar to it. Helps it taste better. Mostly only two kinds of tea: sweet and unsweet. But I also like Green Tea. I'd like to try out some other kinds of tea as well.
  9. i have a 4x optical zoom and a 7.1 megapixel. I switched the camera to auto and I think I got better pictures this time: Splotches: The white things aren't glares... They are splotches. Claw: Pretend you have a hook on your left hand (like Captain Hook). Raise up your left hand, and bend your pointer finger, with the pointer finger facing towards your right. The arch of your pointer is what the claw looks like. It looks like a claw that fell out of a cat. For those of you who hate cats and have no clue what I'm talking about... A claw that's fallen out looks like this: That plant is called a cat's claw... All the cat pictures on the internet had claws contracted or at least still in their sockets..so you'll have to do with a picture of a plant.
  10. Ok, I tried to position the glass and the camera in such a way that you could see what I'm talking about. Glass is hand blown. I had a hard time keeping my hands still, and a hard time in getting close enough to the glass without damaging the clarity of the picture. Anyway, Cat's claw: I'm just worried the claw would make the glass more breakable or something. White splotches: So are these good or bad? Can you even tell? Taking a picture of glass is extremely difficult.
  11. Ok, I used search engine and couldn't find this anywhere. When you buy absinthe glasses, what quality do they normally come in? Do they ever have weird white splotches that you can't wash off because the splotches are inside the glass? Do they ever have bubbles that look like a cat's claw (just one claw that looks like it fell out of the paw) on the bottom of the glass?
  12. Welcome! We're so glad to have you here! No need to feel shy. We're like one ginormous Absinthe family. Edit: Fun family fact about me: My grandfather once loaned 300 dollars to a Moonshiner in Alabama, but that particular Moonshiner wasn't so lucky. The feds found out about him, and he ended up trying to hold them off with his automatic weapons at his still... He killed 2 agents. In the end, his still blew up and he died in the flames. His wife did pay my grandfather back after his funeral in case any were wondering...