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  1. A barrel aged raven stout would be amazing! Enjoying some Anchor distillery junipero gin, going to have some 2013 abyss stout later thanks to absomphe putting me in a stout mood. A dram from Islay will conclude the night I think.
  2. Some Villars Larmes d'absinthe chocolate washed down with Death's Door Wondermint. A wonderful pairing for a holiday treat.
  3. Good stuff, give laphraoig 10 year a try next. Got to love Islay malts.
  4. Sorry to hear such news Bill. Absomphe, why must you always give me a need to go out and find what you are drinking, this KDS coffee edition sounds delicious. For me tonight is some Remy Martin 1738 and some Bud's Eggnog. Good stuff both separate and together.
  5. Thanks Evan, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for Leopold's Bro. Rye.
  6. Tonight there is a bottle of James E. Pepper Rye waiting for me to go with a nice simple irish beef roast. Anyone aware of any brands actually did tilling their own Rye other than George dickel and jack daniels? I'm particularly fond of 90+% rye and would prefer a whiskey that represents the hard work of the people behind the bottles label rather than a random warehouse.
  7. It's hard to find journalistic integrity anywhere these days. Deleting comments has got to be the newest low in irresponsible media.
  8. I have a particular fondness to the 10yr expression but curiosity and a dwindling price gap is drawing me towards the quarter cask. I'm wondering if anyone would know if any of the ten years attributes are lost in the quarter cask or if it just builds on them?
  9. Sounds like you are a lucky man tonight autopsy. Feel blessed to have tasted history! Someday I'll do the same. Til then your review keeps me inspired.
  10. Lagunitas imperial stout and good ole trust worthy Jameson. For desert, if there is room, powers and Paddys. Going for the Irish trifecta.