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  1. Finally trying Mansinthe after years of working my way through absinthes that are must tries or just seemed more interesting to me. I have to admit that this one was way down on my list due to the name/association and some earlier reviews that hinted that this might not be naturally colored. What a pleasant suprise! While not complicated, this is a solid, affordable and traditional swiss verte with a natural color to my eyes. I like the corriander here and don't find it too heavy handed at all. Don't let the name put you off. Enjoyable for newbies and absintheurs alike!
  2. Listening to Faust/ So Far and sipping sum Pacifique. What more could one ask for?
  3. Just settled in at our hotel in NOLA after a quick PoBoy and 1/2 doz oysters. Tracked down a bottle of Jade NO for my first taste without to much difficulty. Although I wish I had brought one of my glasses from home, life is definitely not sucking at the moment !
  4. The Savauge that I am fortunate enough to be louching up as I write this post is giving me the same kinda feeling Babble.
  5. Decided to crack open the Sauvage for my first taste after a less than stellar day. A thunderstorm is approaching and the moment felt right. The contemplation and sensation of this wild Pontarlier wormwood-combined with the thunder, lightning and rain has completely erased any damage that the world inflicted on me today. Sauvage, I am your humble servant!!!
  6. My Sauvage arrived yesterday along with my second bottle of BDJ ! I have been nipping the BDJ but have yet to open the Sauvage. I think I'll wait for the right moment-whenever or whatever that might be.
  7. Since I had today off and Fed Ex just dropped off a much anticipated bottle of RIDGE VERTE; I am modifying this topic to "What ya drinking today?" Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Jules and Joe!
  8. Sipping in pure reverence: "La Grenouille" and thinking back to a euro trip including Prague in 1996 and a particular girl from Finland named after the sun. Liztnin' to: "Keep Your Dreams" by SUICIDE.
  9. "Hey Moon" followed by "It's time to die" by John Maus.
  10. Vieux Carre-finally available at my local for only $55 bones. This is how I will repair the damage this Monday has afflicted!
  11. Streaming new Beastie (thumbs up!) w/ a Tenneyson Absinthe Royale and a Big Sky Brewery Moose Drool chaser.
  12. Yeah Absomphe! La Grenouille at 2:40 PM. Pace yourself my friend.... I'm on the verge of panic as I wait for my shipment to arrive.
  13. Tenneyson gin-sinthe. Quite a suprise as I am typically a traditionalist with respect to the muse. Nice Pontarlier wormwood w/ juniper and anise. This flavor combo makes sense and could get me in trouble if I'm not careful tonight!
  14. Sheeeeeee-iiiiite!!! Missed one again I really need to pay more attention here.
  15. Rainy night tonight so I went with Yo-Yo Ma-Paris: La Belle Epoque with some Berthe about 2.5:1, nooooooo sugar (an ice cube the size of a sugar cube) wormwood leaf replica spoon and cordon glass. Recommend this under similar conditions sometime....will turn your lights on!
  16. Sounds good. That plays nicely into my plan to stretch my birthday demands out as long as possible. Send me a message next week. I hear the "Chuggin Monkey" has a happy hour PF1901 deal
  17. We have some pretty archaic laws and regulations, as pertains to alcohol. You can make your own inferences as to the whyfore. That said: Le Loup, when is your birthday? Mine is coming up soon, as well. June 9th, but I won't really celebrate till the weekend and if the best I can do is Kübler, Lucid and St. George, I'm gonna be pissed. At least there's the World Cup coming up and my garden has hyssop getting ready to bloom, plenty of lemon balm and a scrubby little pontica plant that I just might have to dry out and steep in some Arak to gimmie some satisfaction.
  18. My birthday is coming up and I gave my girlfriend some absinthe/vendor suggestions. Apparently, Texas has been sending internet spirit vendors intimidating letters as of late. High-Times, Astor, Wally's, Drinkup Ny, no one will ship to Austin. Any advice Wormwood Society? I'm on the verge of panic!
  19. FED EX guy:"Are you over 21 and not intoxicated?" Me: "Yes Sir, I'm well over 21 and I just can't wait to get intoxicated on the contents of this parcel I'm signing for. It's the poet's third eye, you know." My order just arrived!!! Vieux Pontarlier this time.
  20. Weekends work for me. I plan on showing up with my own glass and spoon (even though I almost never use sugar). Does that make me a dork? Advanced notice will most certainly improve both the amount and types of absinthe I will bring my friends. Also, I only travel by horse and carriage and I pretty much wear the same sack suit from the 1870's every day.
  21. Drinking a hyssopy verte right now in south austin near William Cannon and Brodie Ln. Happy VD Day Wormwoodites