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  1. Finally trying Mansinthe after years of working my way through absinthes that are must tries or just seemed more interesting to me. I have to admit that this one was way down on my list due to the name/association and some earlier reviews that hinted that this might not be naturally colored. What a pleasant suprise! While not complicated, this is a solid, affordable and traditional swiss verte with a natural color to my eyes. I like the corriander here and don't find it too heavy handed at all. Don't let the name put you off. Enjoyable for newbies and absintheurs alike!
  2. Listening to Faust/ So Far and sipping sum Pacifique. What more could one ask for?
  3. Just settled in at our hotel in NOLA after a quick PoBoy and 1/2 doz oysters. Tracked down a bottle of Jade NO for my first taste without to much difficulty. Although I wish I had brought one of my glasses from home, life is definitely not sucking at the moment !
  4. The Savauge that I am fortunate enough to be louching up as I write this post is giving me the same kinda feeling Babble.
  5. Decided to crack open the Sauvage for my first taste after a less than stellar day. A thunderstorm is approaching and the moment felt right. The contemplation and sensation of this wild Pontarlier wormwood-combined with the thunder, lightning and rain has completely erased any damage that the world inflicted on me today. Sauvage, I am your humble servant!!!
  6. My Sauvage arrived yesterday along with my second bottle of BDJ ! I have been nipping the BDJ but have yet to open the Sauvage. I think I'll wait for the right moment-whenever or whatever that might be.
  7. Since I had today off and Fed Ex just dropped off a much anticipated bottle of RIDGE VERTE; I am modifying this topic to "What ya drinking today?" Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Jules and Joe!
  8. Sipping in pure reverence: "La Grenouille" and thinking back to a euro trip including Prague in 1996 and a particular girl from Finland named after the sun. Liztnin' to: "Keep Your Dreams" by SUICIDE.
  9. "Hey Moon" followed by "It's time to die" by John Maus.
  10. Vieux Carre-finally available at my local for only $55 bones. This is how I will repair the damage this Monday has afflicted!
  11. Streaming new Beastie (thumbs up!) w/ a Tenneyson Absinthe Royale and a Big Sky Brewery Moose Drool chaser.
  12. Yeah Absomphe! La Grenouille at 2:40 PM. Pace yourself my friend.... I'm on the verge of panic as I wait for my shipment to arrive.