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  1. I poured a glass for a friend last night... he braced himself for the first sip, as he was never a fan of scotch. "Hey, this stuff is good!" Another one bites the dust! "Now, could you throw a few ice cubes in it?" He'll come around...
  2. I always just use a throwaway email address for the likes of that. Check out www.bugmenot.com; it comes in handy when you don't want to register to a website. Every episode is still available on Hulu... I would watch from the beginning, as there are quite a few funny ties between episodes. And no doubt they're drinking the absinthe straight... everyone in ISIS is a drunk
  3. Have you had the Brevans A.O. Spare? I thought it was pretty similar to Walton Waters (although I only had a small sample of the Brevans, unfortunately). The WW isn't MoL of course, but they're tied in my book
  4. This is a perfect description (and it rhymed, too!) I think VP got overshadowed a bit when the DP absinthes and Pacifique hit the scene, but you'll always find a bottle in my "stash" I'll be cracking open a new bottle when summer finally gets here!
  5. Over the past year or so I've grown to love Beamish... it's become my favorite Irish stout. I was a bit bummed when the local supermarket started carrying an ale in its place, but I didn't think much of it. Then I visited a Binny's in Chicago, and Beamish was nowhere to be found. An internet search showed signs that Heineken (who acquired Beamish through their acquisition of Newcastle a few years ago) had plans to stop distribution. And now all the local liquor stores seem to confirm it... pick up your Beamish now, as we aren't getting any more shipments So, the Guinness/Murphy's/Beamish trifecta is now Guinness/Murphy's+Beamish (the Beamish brewery was closed, and they now brew next to Murphy's). With no more exports of Beamish, I wonder how long the brand will last? Sad times... I have Dutch in my blood, but Heineken has always tasted like skunk to me. I'll take an Irish beer any day. Or a glass of French absinthe I will now hunt down the last of the Beamish in the Milwaukee area... I scored three 4-packs today, and I'm sure there are more in hiding
  6. I have a March 08 Edouard, and unfortunately it bares only a resemblance to the preban Edouard I had the pleasure of sampling. It's still very good in its own right, though. I find the PF1901, VS, and Edouard similar, with the NO being the odd one out. Out of all the modern absinthes, I would pick the PF1901 (as long as you don't have the gene that apparently makes the Jades taste soapy/socky/whatever you poor people with that gene taste ). I think it's a good representation of preban PF, and I wonder what a bottle will taste like in 10 years? Even though it's a modern formula, I also would have a hard time passing up the Doubs Mystique. It may be a wormwood-prominent absinthe, but it has a good dose of that wonderful butterscotchyness found in prebans, more so than the Jades.
  7. Mine is a true stash, in that I've hidden it all away in a closet, much of it in boxes so I forget I have it
  8. The WS makes me want to drink everything I read about. As if my absinthe obsession wasn't enough! A few months ago I bought a bottle of Glenlivet on sale because I remembered seeing it somewhere in this thread. It didn't do much for me at the time, but it was better than the Johnny Walker I used to drink (until we shared a rough night together). A few weeks later I picked up a bottle of Laphroaig so I could whip up some Mephistos. Afterwards it sat in my closet. I was a bit afraid to drink it straight... Fast-forward another few weeks, when a friend suggests I pick up a bottle of Balvenie Doublewood. I enjoyed it, but it didn't "wow" me at the time. Fast-forward ANOTHER few weeks. Following a glass of cognac (guess where I got the idea to buy a bottle of cognac?) I poored a glass of Balvenie. Completely different experience from my first time tasting it. This stuff is great! Followed with a glass of Laphroaig. Wow, this stuff is great too! (I was surprised I could enjoy something so smokey) And now there are five bottles in my closet, half of them almost empty. Unfortunately, this stuff doesn't last as long as the absinthe. And most of it costs just as much. Thank you, WS, for my empty wallet What's next, cigars?
  9. I should be drinking green, but I'm drinking brown... a Memphisto. I believe this is one of my new favorite cocktails
  10. Guinness goes well with absinthe, especially as we get closer to St. Paddy's day. In separate glasses, of course
  11. Ain't that the truth What's even worse, I find the longer I'm away from a bottle, the more I enjoy it when I pick it back up. Oh, and all of you cheaters will be punished with a warm water louche
  12. Imagine, for a second, after having all the wonderful absinthe options we currently have on the market, all were taken away except for three. I know there are people out there that have trouble getting any absinthe because of their location or other factors, but many of us have probably gotten a little spoiled and couldn't imagine our absinthe collections having less than five or more varieties. So, if you could only have three absinthes, which would they be and why? No, preban is not an option Here is my list: 1. Doubs Mystique. This was a hard choice! Although Doubs isn't the most balanced absinthe, it does have some great wormwood, and it's one of the few I've tasted with a bit of that "butterscotch" flavor found in preban. MOL or Jade Edouard were high on my list as a spicey first choice, but Doubs was also the first quality absinthe I ever had, and every time I take a sip I'm taken back to that moment... (as cheesy as that sounds!) 2. Pacifique. Another hard choice! I absolutely love the DP absinthes, and another part of me was tempted to throw in something non-traditional, but the delicate balance of herbs in Pacifique is a work of art. 3. Essai 5. I'll pick a verte over a blanche any day, but I could never give up blanches for good. Clandestine is usually my blanche of choice... maybe I'm picking the Essai because I've only had it a few times, but it's a very refreshing absinthe, and I'm a sucker for grape bases. The thought of getting rid of my MOL, WW, and Jades is making me queasy, so I think I'll stop typing now
  13. A friend of mine brought back some rum from the British Virgin Islands... Callwood Spiced Rum. I don't drink rum often, but this stuff was like candy... very good! Unfortunately it's only available at the distillery...
  14. Thanks for the tips... these were a hit this past weekend with friends (although there were a few snide remarks about the girlish color ) Unfortunately I only had access to Rose's grenadine at the time, but I now have a bottle of pomegranate waiting for me in the fridge, and I'll whip up some more proper drinks next weekend!
  15. How much grenadine and absinthe do you cats use? The recipe here calls for 3 dashes... I consider a dash about 3-4 drops, so I just gave her a small splash from the bottle. My drink is no where near as red as the one shown in the cocktail guide though... more of a peach color. Tasty, although the absinthe is baaarreelly there. I used Sirène... I've found it compliments gin pretty well, at least in obituaries. I could see VC being a good fit as well, but my bottle is almost empty For gin I used Rehorst Milwaukee Gin, and I highly recommend it to all of you gin lovers. You can order online from Binny's. Well, in the time it took to write this, my glass is gone... I suppose I should experiment some more
  16. Essai 5. I can't believe this stuff is over 80%... it goes down like candy
  17. Don't be knockin' my 10 minute drip! The longer the water stays in my ice-filled brouillier, the colder it gets
  18. Giving absinthe a break and drinking a Voyager martini
  19. I had a seller bookmarked for a while, just so I could report all the absinthe he kept selling at x2 the retail price. I don't understand why a "power seller" would risk their account getting closed. Then again, eBay seems to punish the "power sellers" with no more than a slap on the wrist. It's the little guys that get shafted, usually through no fault of their own.
  20. Listening to the Felix Culpa's new album... they're an indie Chicago-area band I've been following for the past five years, and their overdue album is beyond excellent. Not to mention completely self produced and released. Don't mind me, the borderline rabid fan that will advertise them wherever semi appropriate
  21. Fennel tea. I bought a bunch of herbs to "expand my pallette." Oh, and to cure my cold
  22. Were the bottles allowed some time to "breathe" before the tasting? I'm guessing we've all had a bottle of absinthe taste very different a week after opening (maybe more often than not)...
  23. Putting my Voyager to good use in a martini I just got some proper orange bitters this week to replace the horrible Collins xit I picked up at the local liquor store, and I must say this is the most drinkable, delicious martini I've ever had!
  24. Sipping on a little something special from 1955