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  1. They do indeed good sir! Wild Wines owner Carla and I were both recently at an industry event in Washington. Unfortunately I was too busy pouring absinthe we missed the opportunity to chat and I missed the opportunity to sample her wonderful product line. However, she recently reached out and we are now trying to work out a time to visit each others operations under the guise of play date for our 2 year old's! Dang it, sorry Hedonmonkey, it has been a while since I have visited the forums. I could absolutely make some time to walk you through the new place if you are still interested. In fact, it's funny I chose today to login to the forum. I literally this morning submitted the paperwork to the state to acquire the privilege of offering tastings and selling product directly from our distillery. We are actually only doing this as a necessary first step to be able to sell product at various events we will have a booth at this summer. We actually live 3 hours away from Cave Junction in Bend, and ultimately have little intention of actually having many visitors or selling from the distillery itself. That being said, I'd be delighted to coordinate a visit with you and anyone else that would be interested. Just so happens in a couple of weeks we will even have Oregon's blessing to do so.
  2. Thus the AGAIN, comments. Essentially, the TTB is approving formulas and labels it has already approved before. Necessary step in facilitating our move to Oregon.
  3. Thanks Evan, Vilya remains Vilya! We wouldn't have it any other way. Very little change to the current Vilya labels except for the obvious Distilled & Bottled in Oregon.
  4. Updates from Oregon for the wonderfully supportive WS members: The twins (Gin and Absinthe) have settled in nicely to their new surroundings. 50+ cases of Silvertip bottled and ready to move. Vilya Absinthe Formulas: APPROVED! AGAIN! JUST TODAY! We were fairly confident in formula approval (AGAIN!) and therefore, we have about 12 gallons of Verte resting. Vilya Absinthe COLA's submitted a few hours ago. TTB's website says it's currently taking about 29 days for label approval (AGAIN!) We should be boxing up absinthe early next month!
  5. Well thank you kindly!! Taking your advice my friend. Wrapping up the studies for the day, meeting my girls at our local kid friendly tavern for some a beer, food, and music. Cheers
  6. Thats what I said....she drank it like candy?
  7. Extremely biased Gin Preference: #13 Plymouth #15 Voyager #16 (to young to rate for sure) Were legal dammit and therefore rateable!
  8. Ridge's sample is making a tour at the Torres homestead. Let's just hope it has life after a stint at the Torres bar. Wifey likey! She mixed it with soy milk and a splash of soda the other night and declared it heavenly!
  9. Helps if you use "Insert Link," instead of "Insert Emal Link!" I'm done!