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  1. I've spent the long, hot summer drinking these made with cheap & cheerful Cupcake prosecco, a sugar cube and half-ish dose of absinthe (works best with absinthes that have floral/fruity notes like Meadow of Love, Ridge & Leopold Bros.).
  2. Now there's a savvy backwoodsman. You'll never out-run, out-swim or out-climb a hungry bear, but that's not necessary, so long as you can run faster, swim farther and climb higher than at least one of your companions ...
  3. Woo-hoo! That's a stroll of a few blocks for me ...
  4. That's pretty much how it happened for my wife and I as well. She tends to like her drink a little sweeter, I mix mine a little hotter, but we tend to have similar taste (not sure if that's a bug or a feature: on the one hand, I'm rarely scolded for excessive spending on good booze; on the other, all my favorite bottles seem to disappear twice as fast).
  5. Even the neighborhood liquor store I walk to has an "absinthe shelf." Trouble is, the "selection" consists of Leopold Bros. and a rotating assortment of stuff that would be better sold as drain cleaner.
  6. I have the review page bookmarked on my Android browser and I'd love a mobile-optimized version of the reviews (might've saved me wasting money on that 375 of La Sirène the salesperson at the liquor store was so gung-ho about ...). Even better would be a full-on "Absinthe Review App," especially if it could quickly find star-ratings and reviews based on a scan of the product's UPC code or a snapshot of the label, rank a few offerings in order of review scores and/or the WS "value for money" index, etc. Something anybody could use for a quick survey of the absinthe shelf at their local Discount Booze Barn. It probably goes without saying I'm not a developer and I have no idea how difficult/expensive/impossible any of that might actually be.
  7. What he who shits in the woods said. ... somebody pass the Leopold's ...
  8. It's a relief to know we aren't the only ones suffering from "shrinkage." I'd blame it on the low humidity, but the RV does seem to evaporate quicker than most ...
  9. Wanted to save it for special occasions, but the Sauvage never stood a chance. I can't remember another bottle that drained as quickly. My wife traded me her last dose of vintage Tarragona in exchange for the last dose of it. I still think I got the better end of the bargain, but only just. Anything bearing any similarities to Sauvage has my interest ...
  10. My wife and I have been enjoying Ridge Verte for a while now, and, thanks to a generous benefactor, we finally got to try the Blanche last night. Considering neither of us is a particular fan of La Bleues in general, we were surprised how delightful Ridge Blanche turned out to be: it has a beautiful lavender-tinged louche and like RV has a rich, velvety mouthfeel and a complex but exceptionally well balanced flavor profile. For a verte lover, it has all the virtues of my favorite absinthes with none of the vices I find in most blanches. It probably shouldn't have come as a surprise that if I enjoy one absinthe, I'll probably also enjoy the same distiller's other absinthes (I've rarely been disappointed with anything wearing a Delaware Phoenix or a Jade label), but a La Bleue I can love like the green stuff? Shocking!
  11. I consider Mansinthe a good-but-not-great, middle-of-the-road absinthe: better than Lucid, way better than Absente, Le Fee and other "absinthe-flavored schnapps" swill, but in the same price bracket you can definitely do better. I'd choose any of the better domestics (Meadow of Love, Walton Waters, Ridge, Leopold, Vieux Carré, Pacifique) ahead of Mansinthe, and there are also imports I like better (Duplais, Perroquet, Vieux Pontarlier, etc.) for around the same money. I really enjoy absinthe with food, but personally I don't find it goes especially well with chocolate or other sweets. It does stand up to strong or spicy flavors, but I also like it with blander, simpler dishes like mac & cheese or pizza. Sipping a glass just before or during a meal seems to really wake up my taste buds and make things taste better, whereas a lot of other booze seems to have a more dulling effect.
  12. A lot of forum software won't let noobs post an avatar until a certain minimum number of posts or days of membership has been surpassed to prevent malicious uploading. Not sure that's the case here, but if so, make a few more posts, try again tomorrow, and it will probably work. Oh, and welcome!
  13. In Vegas, Sage restaurant in the Aria hotel serves some respectable absinthes (as well as some crap-sinths, so you might wanna read the reviews here before making your selection).
  14. Rang in the New Year in style with '50s Pernod Fils Tarragona. First absinthe I've had that's older than I am. Wish I could say it was over-hyped, over-priced and disappointing. I just need to find a part time job with a six figure salary so I can buy MORE ...
  15. Mansinthe would certainly be my first choice from that list. Kind of a kissing cousin to Duplais Verte from the same distiller. Of the rest, I'd say only Kübler is serviceable (but I tend to agree, "not really great").