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  1. Yikes. Member #4 stole my avatar. I'm green with envy. But seriously- I worked up the green Alfred before I saw your post. Honest. -Bon
  2. About two weeks ago, I was ready to order some Czech absinth, and saw that the price dropped dramatically if you bought four bottles, so I emailed a bunch of friends to see who'd want to go in with me. One of those friends happened to be a member of this forum (Hi, Veeter!), and she set me straight. She pushed me to join up here, and I'm glad I listened to her- I've learned a tremendous amount from y'all already. I've got a bottle Jade N.O. coming next week, along with a glass and spoon. This won't be the first absinthe I've had, but it will be the first I've known how to prepare correctly, and I'm really looking forward to it. If I get to work on it, maybe my homemade fountain will be ready by the time it gets here. If there's anyone on the forum from the Charleston, SC area, I'd love to get together for a tasting. I'm up the road in McClellanville, but work downtown. Nice meeting y'all! Michael