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  1. Nothing top drinking so absinthe and playing punch out. That's right punch out for NES
  2. After working away at a bottle I've had now for close to a year, its a good daytime absinthe
  3. Come back at me if you don't agree, or just type any old thing you like. I am a little drunk now, as I said I tried the Kübler. Two to be exact, had to make sure.
  4. Mostly true, but i did like the first Re-animator, the rest are total crap and i also like From Beyond. Any other H.P. Lovecraft film should be avoided like the plague.
  5. Greeting, and I will agree the review section of the site is a great place to look up differnt brands. Never pointed me in the wrong direction
  6. Welcome, and this is a good place to come with questions. plenty of people here will point you in the right direction, this site and the people here helped me out at the start of my love for absinthe. cheers
  7. Happy new Year to all, may it be full of good time and good cheer
  8. Oooooooo cant wait to get a copy. Should be interesting
  9. Funny stuff on that vid I've been watching Dilbert on netflix lately, Although you should check out the 3 pusher movies. really good dark movies. for comedies I've been watching conan
  10. Kurt Russell is the man, although Big Trouble in Little China is the better flick. Ahhhh Jack Burton.
  11. don't get me wrong, and I thought michael bay did direct those two. I just have a habit of tuning out as soon as I hear his name is connected to anything. Can't stand the guy, probally was just a bad day that day if I seemed overly annoyed.
  12. 10,000 BC is one of the most historically inaccurate movies ever made, what did you expect. But yeah I will agree the mammoths were cool.
  13. Same here, ever since I first watched Night of the Dead at the age of 5. Use to be all I watched as a kid, the gore, zombies, and crazed killer were my favorite.
  14. Ahhh someone else who sees the difference between a cheesy remake, and a quality remake that took thought and a lot of hard work to create. Nothing wrong with a remake, as long as it is a "labor of love" so to speak. Horror movies, remakes or not should be left to the ones who know what it takes to make a good one. Not half ass special effect directors (Michael Bay). It does take an artist to make a good horror flick. Sorry, I'm a horror geek of sorts if you couldn't tell, and do tend to get worked up over issue.