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  1. Hello! Great to see another Wisconsinite, let alone a distiller! I can't wait to have something made close to home!
  2. Excellent, well next time I make a decent dinner I will try my absinthe while I am cooking. I am not accustomed to drinking any type of spirit before dinner, so this should be a good first. I'm thinking a chicken piccata, with long grain and wild rice. Should be a nice change from the cereal/sandwich/bagel/whatever I can grill diet that I all too typically stay on.
  3. Hello! This is my first thread since my newcomer intro, and I hope it is a decent one. My question for my fellow WS members is, what time do you most commonly enjoy your absinthe? Pre/Post Supper? Afternoon or Night? What do you usually do while you are drinking it? (music/movies/chit-chat/etc...). Do you drink it with a meal, or a snack, or by itself? I have heard before that absinthe is more commonly a pre-meal drink, is there any historical evidence floating around on this? I would love to know whether there is a "proper" green hour. As for myself, I have been drinking my absinthe a few hours after supper, usually while watching TV or reading. Unfortunetly, I cannot get my girlfriend to try any yet, but I hope to change that! -Scott
  4. Hello all! Glad to hear from some fellow Wisconsinites! @absinthehour - That sounds like a long move, all the way to the UK from WI. I really want to visit England someday, do you miss the badger state? @pierreverte - I googled Dixie's Clubhouse in Grand Chute WI but the site dixiesclubhouse.com seems to be down. I did figure out that it is a restaurant/bar though! Do you own it? Do you serve absinthe? @fingerpickinblue - Thanks for the recommendation, I will keep that site in mind when it comes to ordering whatever I try next. @Jay - I did see MoL and WW on DUNY, but I'm afraid that I need to keep my order very close to $100, but I want free shipping. Possibly I could go with WW+Obsello, that would be $115ish. Decisions.... Unfortunetly, for now I cannot order anything as I spent all my money on dress clothes for school and volunteering. At leat I'll look nice though right?
  5. Hello from another Midwestern newbie! I agree that a video game can be as good as a great book or movie. I'm currently playing my way through the Half-Life 2 saga and really enjoying it.
  6. Hi everyone! It's very nice to hear from all of you so quickly! Are there any other members in Wisconsin? As far as Mansinthe, I have not seen any yet, and I've been to quite a few stores. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it on the shelves though.
  7. Hello Wormwood Society Forums! My name is Scott, I’m from Wisconsin, and I have been lurking around the forums for a while trying to get educated on absinthe. I am originally from a small town, and I am now a student in the School of Pharmacy at UW-Madison. I was first introduced to absinthe via Robert Hess’ show The Cocktail Spirit on Small Screen Network. After turning 21 in March, I began searching for “my drink,” and his show was my first introduction to mixology and spirits in general. Coming from Wisconsin, large majorities of people drink beer…often… which I enjoy, but I was looking for something different to sip on. After a stint with bourbon whiskey, and after doing some absinthe related Google-ing, I happened upon this great website and learned a great deal from it's content. Fortunately, I had a proper introduction to absinthe history and service from Robert Hess and Jamie Boudreau in their videos, so I avoided any misinformation from other sites about thujone and preparation (ie fire ). My first sip of absinthe was last week, after I bought a bottle of Lucid. I had been searching my local liquor stores to scope out their absinthe selection, but Kübler and Lucid predominated. I eventually ran across the Lucid gift set for $50 on a home town visit, and decided that I had to pick it up because I couldn’t find the bottle itself for under $57. I already had two Lucid etched Pontarlier glasses that I found for $1 each at a local grocery store about a month ago ( pure luck), so now I have four glasses….and only one spoon. Anyways, on to the tasting! Upon opening the bottle I enjoyed the aroma of anise. I let the bottle breathe for about 20 minutes before pouring a glass. The louch was very fun to watch after reading about it for quite some time, and I was instantly hooked on the absinthe ritual. I have found that I enjoy my Lucid most between 3.5 and 4:1 with sugar. I find Lucid to be quite tasty, and a very relaxing drink. The spiciness in the finish is very interesting, and I think I can now differentiate some of the herbs. Knowing that there are some mixed reviews on Lucid, I am very excited to get something higher rated and compare them. I am thinking of ordering Obsello and Vieux Carre from DUNY after my Lucid is more than halfway gone (comes out just over $100 for free shipping). Otherwise, I may have my friend in NYC try and find a bottle of MoL or WW to bring back to me. So after all that, I just want to say thank you to everyone on this site! I look forward to posting here and continuing my absinthe experience. Most importantly, I believe that I have finally found my drink! -Scott