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  1. Received my bottle in the mail today after a very long trip from France. All I can say is worth every penny and every second it took to get here.
  2. That's a fine collection Chuck.
  3. Here's the setup I'm using. Two kids and animals don't afford me the luxuryof fine antiques.The glass I purchased at a thrift store for about a dollar.The carafe and tray are part of a set that I found at a garage sale for Five dollars(the carafe pours very nice).The decanter was a birthday gift from my parents. The spoon came with a bottle of La Muse Verte and Mansinthe is what's in the decanter.
  4. That's pretty much what I was thinking. Right now it's all about exploring the different flavor profiles of the different brands. I've already been down the Lucid road, but was attracted by the low price. No sense settling for one, just to have something on the shelf, when the next new flavor is just a few dollars more. thanks for the input.
  5. I stopped at my local liquor store on the way home from work last night. I was curious if they had added anything new. Sadly, nothing has changed. Right now the only label they carry is Lucid. What surprised me was how much they are selling it for. They are selling Lucid for $49 a bottle. I understand that lucid may not have the highest ratings, but that seems to be a pretty good price. I've had a few other brands, but all of them are at least $20 more. I guess my question would be, is the money savings worth the flavor sacrifice?
  6. Oh, ok. I'm with you now. As of yet I haven't had any of the ones you listed. So far I've only tried what is available locally. Looks like it's time to start ordering online. Thanks for the input.
  7. The first glass I prepared with no sugar and it had a bit of a medicinal taste. It was a little dry, but I didn't think it was overly bitter. I used 1 sugar cube for the second glass and that seemed to smooth it right out. I had a few glasses over a couple weeks with different water and sugar ratios. All in all, I didn't think it was bad.
  8. I've had a few different brands of absinthe so far. They include; Kübler, Lucid, Mansinthe, VC and La Muse Verte. I looked in the review section before purchasing La Muse. There were only a couple of reviews, but they were good ones. After tasting it, I am surprised that I don't hear more about it as I found it to be quite good. The local liquor store keeps a couple cases on hand, but I think I'm the only one buying it. Absinthe is still pretty unknown here in western NY. Anybody have any experience with La Muse?
  9. I'm curious. Do you perforate the bacon?
  10. I had sent them an email a while back asking them about the disclaimer. They replied and said it was something they were told they had to put on there, but it wouldn't affect any orders.
  11. We seem to be a rare breed... No doubt. I was at a bar this last weekend and the bartender thought absinthe was still against the law.
  12. I've been using pictures that I take and just modifying them to fit the screen size.
  13. I was messing with the light settings on my camera and ended up with this pic that I thought came out pretty cool.
  14. Here is my humble collection. Not as impressive as some, but I am happy with it so far. Always looking for the next addition.
  15. I wasn't overly concerned with historical perfection. I wanted a functional glass that was easy on the eyes. I thought the foot was rather interesting looking, from a hand made point of view.
  16. I got a Cordon in the mail yesterday.
  17. I wasn't aware that uranium glass has lead in it. The crystal glass doesn't get used daily. It feels too light duty. I like my glass to feel chunky in my hand. I'm saving up for a cordon. Yes, that is a .22 in the background.