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  1. Mrs. Morgan thought the absinthe was cool, but she doesn't ahve as wide a palate as I do for experimentation when it comes to eating and drinking.
  2. Yeek! (About the other spoon comment). You don't use sugar, which is cool... how slowly do you add water? Do you not stir it after the water is added or just use something less ornate than an absinthe spoon?
  3. I can see you now, wrapped around a bottle of absinthe, holding your favorite spoon calling it "precious"....
  4. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Got it. You need better friends, in that case. Mine are fine.
  5. I tend to think in terms of practical reality rather than some mathematical average. If 750ml is 25 ounces, and my absinthe glass has a 1 ounce line, I'm going to tend to make 1 ounce servings. Therefore, I'm likely to get 25 servings out of it, and not worry about the fact that my 25 servings are slightly more alcoholic than some strange average. Thanks for the tip on the article, it was enlightening. Additionally, it's kind of nice to just have the names of the top absinthes in one place in red. Easier than perusing a bunch of articles. What a great resource! But I was curious about what his OTHER point was, since "the math" was not the point.
  6. Would you mind enlightening me, in that case? You might note that I haven't been around long, and I'm not sure I want to read every thread ever posted just to try to get to your point. Or if you recall a thread where you point was put more verbosely than in this, a link would be great, or even a suggestion as to which words to do a search upon.
  7. I have a lot of friends who are enthusiastically preparing to place orders themselves, and then we'll all get together and have a party. Yeah, I'm sure there are some who don't want to spend $100 a bottle. But really when you think about it, it's nowhere near like spending $100 on a bottle of wine, because of the dilution. There are 25 ounces in a 750ml bottle, so @ $100 a bottle, that's only $4 per drink, which most of us would be happy with in a bar, I'd think.
  8. But can you get a bottle of Edouard to the US for less than $100 a bottle? it's 55 pounds, which is darn near 100, plus shipping. I suppose buying multiple bottles would help as well. I'll certainly be more willing in the future to buy multiple bottles, and once I get my friends hooked, er adicted, er interested, that'll be another positive.
  9. I assume as my taste acclimates to the drink I'll be able to scale back the dilution. I mixed 4:1 and that wasn't quite what I wanted, so I moved to 5:1. By the end of the glass, I was quite a bit happier than I was at the beginning. I used 1 sugar and I don't think that was enough for my taste, but I've always put sugar in the more bitter things, like when I drink coffee, I use FIVE packets of sugar. Which is odd, because I don't drink most sugar drinks, like non-diet soda. I'm sure I'll evolve around. And I'm sure that the more "day to day" absinthes are going to be different than the Edouard. I like it, but I don't want to keep spending over $100 a bottle.
  10. Well, I did it, I opened the Edouard. I touched a bit to my lips straight. WOW, strong. I mixed it 5:1. I got what looked like a perfect louche, judging from the pictures I've seen. Now, I have to say, you lying bastards... I tripped ballz. Oh, ok not really. But even at 5:1, I can see how one would get OBLITERATED on a few of these if that was what one wished. The flavour was lovely, but quite distinctive and took me a while to get used to. My wife didn't like it as much as I. I think it'll take me a little while to completely acquire the taste, but I'm pretty happy thus far. I don't think I could drink it straight without putting on a serious funny face. Well, not quite like that. So, I'm no longer a virgin. I have a buddy who's ordering some for new years and we're going to compare and contrast. Should be fun. Thanks for having this site, and thanks for all the contributions, they've been invaluable.
  11. Welcommen, bienvenue, howawya?
  12. Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that being born is the leading cause of death among men, women and other people.
  13. I got one of those Versace toppers... I don't think it looks dork. Well, at least not increcilby. :Luscious Oily Lesbians!:
  14. Amazing, my local Crate and Barrel knows what a cork extactor IS, but they don't carry them. But they do have the aftermarket screw in stoppers, which is fine, I guess. I'll have to order a decent extractor, but the one I saw that I liked the notion of was out of stock. You'd think it was the holidays or something.