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  1. I made a new version of the Tom Collins last night that was fantastic! Tom Collins has always been my "grown up" drink of choice when I go out because bars around Michigan do not typically serve absinthe. Being a huge fan of the University of Michigan I am going to start calling this drink "The Wolverine", GO BLUE! The Wolverine 2 shots Bombay Sapphire 1 shot La Clandestine 2 shots Bailey's sweet and sour Shaken on ice, strained into a tall glass filled with ice Top with 7-UP.
  2. Nice to meet a fellow Michigander! Welcome
  3. I have long been a fan of a Tom Collins with Bombay Saphire but I recently had a Tom Collins with Hendricks and I am a changed man!
  4. I opened a new bottle of NO last weekend with a rabbit corkscrew and it worked great. I opened my first bottle of NO with a winged corkscrew and the cork broke but none of the cork fell into the bottle. I used a T-cork from a bottle of Grey Goose to re-cork the bottle after the original cork was out.
  5. I have two more bottles of MOL on the way from Catskill cellars! Add those to the two empties and that will make four bottles in about 9 months ! MOL is definitely the favorite in my house.
  6. I just picked up a bottle of Marteau myself on a business trip to LA! I snagged it at K&L in Hollywood. I was staying in Costa Mesa so I forced myself to stop into Hi Time wines and picked up a bottle of Leopolds!
  7. When I get home from work in about 3 hours I will enjoy a shot of Lucid in a mug of Suchard hot chocolate made in my Tassimo disk machine! It is my favorite way to go to sleep in the morning! If you have not tried absinthe in hot chocolate I highly recommend it. The Tassimo machine adds the hot chocolate to the mug in a stream so it is like a hot absinthe fountain. You have to stir before every drink to disperse the oil droplets on the surface as well.
  8. I have enjoyed the Sazerac a few times! I had my first one at the Eclipse lounge in St. Louis. When making them at home, I have found that coating the glass with Versinthe is a great way to get rid of this crap. Versinthe has sugar in it and it smells fantastic when the alcohol evaporates coating the glass with a glaze. The overpowering bitterness that is present in the Versinthe is gone when used to coat the glass. I have used Sazerac rye and Peychauds bitters with both a sugar cube and sugar syrup. I prefer the syrup to the cube. Unfortunately when I was making them I did not have a lemon so I did not have a twist. I will have to try that next. The Sazerac is one tasty cocktail! I told my girlfriend that I have found my "grown-up cocktail" of choice. Has anyone tried using bourbon instead of rye? I have seen Buffalo Trace as a substitute in one recipe.
  9. I recently picked up a bottle as well. The bottle was $26.99 and it was the first time that I have seen it for sale in MI. I had a glass and thought that it was not as offensive as Grande Absente or Pernod. I find it to be lacking in complexity but it tastes like absinthe so I intend to use it to try some mixed drinks from The Little Green Book of Absinthe that I have been wanting to try. I figure that I can try mixing with this stuff so I can find what I like and not waste any good absinthe on a drink that I pour out. Then I can add good absinthe to drinks that I want to explore further. I agree that a lower priced introductory absinthe is a good thing. People will pay $30 all day for vodka so absinthe under $30 may bring new consumers to try absinthe. The higher the market demand becomes, the more brands will be available for everyone because manufacturers will want a piece of the action. As long as the $30 absinthe doesn't scare people away then I am all for it.
  10. Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you!
  11. I have had continued EXCELLENT service from Absinthe Devil. My first all glass fountain came in pieces and they sent another right away. I then ordered the fairy fountain and the globe was cracked. I contacted them and they sent another globe with a free spoon. That globe did not fit my base so they sent another globe and faucet base with yet another spoon. I sent them and e-mail telling them that they provided me with the best customer service that I have ever had. They did all of this for me and I never had to send anything back or be charged an extra dime!
  12. I have tried 15 different brands of absinthe (see my newcomer post) and I have to say that MOL is pretty amazing. If I had to be forced to buy a bottle of anything that I have tried so far it would probably be MOL. I have had two different batches and they both were fantastic. The color changes a lot due to the clear bottle but I don't drink absinthe for the color in the bottle!
  13. Hello everyone! Here is my absinthe story..... I first tried absinthe in July of last year when a friend of mine mentioned that he had some at a tappas bar the night before. I quickly went to the liquor store and asked what they had. They had Lucid and Pernod aux extraits de plantes d'absinthe in the refrigerator behind the counter. The guy told me that Pernod was the best so I shelled out the $75 and was super excited to try it. I then went online to find out the best way to drink it. I should have done this in reverse order but you live and learn. I bought a spoon online and some Domino sugar cubes from Walmart. I first tried to pour the water on the sugar cube and found that the cube wouldn't melt so I had read that burning the sugar works and I tried that. Luckily I wasn't scared away by the taste. I shared about 3/4 of the bottle with friends that weekend and wanted to find out more info. It was then that I stumbled across this site and found out that there were other brands available in the U.S. I learned of DUNY and went nuts! I now own two fountains from absinthedevil.com: one plain glass fountain with two robinettes and one metal and glass fairy fountain with four robinettes. I have a half dozen spoons, 4 glasses, two bags of sugar cubes from absinthedevil, and a lot of half empty bottles! Here is my current absinthe collection (in no particular order): Walton Waters Meadow of Love (2 bottles, one is empty!) Mansinthe (2 bottles, one is empty!) La Clandestine La Charlotte (2 bottles) Obsello Versinthe Jade Nouvelle-Orleans (My girlfriend just got me this for my birthday!) Pernod aux extraits de plantes d'absinthe Le' Tourment Vieux Pontarlier Kübler 53 Vieux Carre Grand Absente (100ml bottle, that is all I will ever own of this one) Lucid (I bought the gift set with the glasses, I love the glasses) As you can tell, I don't do anything half-ass! My girlfriend's favorites are Meadow, Mansinthe, and Jade (of course!). My favorites are really all of them except Grand Absente and the Versinthe. I had Versinthe at the Commune Lounge in Royal Oak MI and I loved it. I bought a bottle and I hate it. I was going to use it to make sazerac cocktails but I have to find the right rye. I hate Le' Tourment from the fountain but I love making Colonial Rots with it. If you have a bottle you want to get rid of, try this: 1 shot Le Tourment 1 shot Grey Goose Citron 2 shots Mojito Mix (or 3/4 shot lime juice and 1 shot simple syrup) Shake these on ice and pour into a glass with ice and mint leaves Top with Simply Lemonade and a splash of 7-up Two of these and you will be glad you had that Le' Tourment hanging around! The bottom line is that I absolutely love absinthe and I love to talk so I am looking forward to joining some discussions on this forum.