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  1. Entropy, on this side of the state it's the Royals and Chiefs. KC is only about 45 minutes to the south of us.
  2. I am assuming that in this state I will not have to worry about the shipping question so much. They seem to be much more liberal than MS about such things.
  3. Despite the efforts of weather, biology, medicine, in-laws, angry land lords, and the law, I have managed to complete the trip and we are all now alive and living in St. Joe. I have not seen much of absinthe on the shelves yet, only the usual Lucid and a $70 bottle of Grande Absente. I think I shall still turn to DUNY when I secure a job in the area. I have also added unusual ammounts of water to my drinking day since those stones. They say that once you have them, it is easier to get them again, and that is about the scariest thing I have ever heard.
  4. When it rains it pours. Here in our last week of packing, I woke up Tuesday morning in excruciating pain, ran to the bathroom and chucked everything I ever ate. My back felt like I'd been digging ditches for three days straight and my jewels had a brick resting on them (sorry about the graphic images). My wife took me into the ER and I had two kidney stones on the left side. They shot me up with Toridol (?), then Phenigren, and then Demoral, after which I kind of lost track of what they were doing to me, which was fine since I no longer cared. I am still suffering from the pain, though a bit under control, and am not entirely certain that I passed them yet. The bad thing is that I'm supposed to pick up the moving van this morning and start the loading process. I used to think I knew the definition of sick. This is also the new definition for the phrase "seriously bad timing".
  5. Thank you all for your kind replies. I have been MIA for a little bit and shall continue to be until I get settled in up there. I shall return to tell you all about the market in St. Joe when I can, though.
  6. Due to life getting in the way lately, I still have not gotten my hands on any real absinthe, so I am currently sipping on some Jim Beam Red Stag Bourbon before I go to bed. Its having a noticable effect on my typing speed, so I guess its time for the pillows.
  7. My mother and brother have been very happy with St. Joe ever since they moved there, so I have high hopes that I will like it better and will be able to find better work easier. Leaving MS is defintely a plus, and I hope it is a permanent thing.
  8. Due to the unfortunate loss of my wife's job, we are having to move. My min wage crap can't keep us here, so we are leaving the great state of Mississippi and heading for Missouri to live in my mother's attic and look for work there. We will be in St. Joseph, quite near KCMO, and hopefully in a much better job market so that I can take advantage of the loose liquor laws up that way...and move out of my mother's attic. (In that order)
  9. That is actually me when I worked at the Warren Co. Jail. I am way too fat to be Quint, but thanks for the compliment. I like his movies.
  10. Okay, Gwydion, how do you do the freakin' Greek letters? Or any other alphabet for that matter. I could sure use that in the religious boards on fetlife. (Yes, for a kinky site, they have an inordinate number of religious boards.) Jay, you are correct in that I didn't refer to absinthe or wormwood as a drug, but I suppose it could have been taken that way since I implied that John might have been using it to receive revelations. While I mentioned that possibility, I was mainly interested in the idea that water infused with wormwood was being consumed in a 2000 year old text...or not. I have no idea if the actual herb would have been available to him on the Isle of Patmos, which is no where near Arkansas, Joe.
  11. I thought of this more as a historical or linguistic discussion than religious. I'm not preaching, I'm researching. I just find this sort of thing very interesting. I am now looking at the Greek text in my Hebrew-Greek-English Interlinear Bible (a resource which comes from my days when I was a preacher). It has the Greek text with the direct English translation right below it so you can compare word for word. It really makes a difference when you compare it to any modern translation, and even the KJV to some extent. Anyway, I don't know how to make other alphabets on my keyboard, but the word translated as "wormwood" is spelled in Greek: alpha, psi, iota, upsilon, theta, omikron, upsilon (apsiuthou). Now, the word translated as "bitter" is spelled in Greek: epsilon, pi, iota, kappa, rho, alpha, upsilon, theta, eta, sigma, alpha, upsilon (epikrauthesau). Here, the word translated as "wormwood" does closely resemble absinthe in the Greek. The only time the word "bitter" is used is the last word in the verse. Sources: The Interlinear Bible, Green, (1986) 2e A literal Translation of the Bible, Green, (1985) Teach Yourself New Testament Greek, Hudson, (1993)
  12. I am, as I type, trying out Wild Bill's idea off altering the recipe. I used one shot of gin (Tanq) with one teaspoon of the sweet vermouth. I don't yet have any orange bitters in the house. That will be something for my next grocery run, along with the dry vermouth. Anyway, this idea is much more like it.
  13. Rev. 8:11 - And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. This occurred at the sounding of the Third Trumpet of the Apocalypse. John was already knee deep in his prophecy, but it sounds like he may have been drinking some herbally enhanced concoction. It was dead common for prophets to use chemical aides in most all early religions. Being a Christian for many years, I have read this verse since I was a child, but it never made much since to me until I discovered the existence of absinthe. So, my question is, does the use of Grand Wormwood go back that far?
  14. Okay, I obtained some red Martini and Rossi and tried to make a sweet martini at home. It turns out I don't like my drinks quite that sweet. I shall get a bottle of dry vermouth and try Joe's 2:1:1 perfect martini next.