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  1. Have enjoyed a good ice-cold "mussle water" (not to start, but at the end) Taboo as a celebration for some thing and for the summer. Was nice
  2. Clandestine, Kübler and Taboo are easilly available in Montréal to.
  3. Many WS members by Buffalo? I'm going near there next summer, so I may be tempted by "jumping" the border!
  4. If they're selling in general or absinthe-speaking? I'll check it when I can .
  5. The Absynthe bar, on St-Denis near the corner of Maisonneuve, seems to be serving absinthe (all the SAQs, so : Clandestine, Kübler, Taboo, and similis like Versinthe and Absente). Maybe I'll try Kübler there.
  6. Oh I forgot to say that I now keep it in a closet. As I say, it don't crystallise a lot now, but a little. Maybe it's because it was crystallising before so it's only some traces left... So to resume, abour symple syrup trick : - Lighter sugar ratio (did it at 2:1!..) - Arabic gum (but if it's hard to find, for the same price and less search I'll return to my cubes) I don't really understand the two last comments... As for boiling, I did the syrup myself so yeah I boiled it. Are you saying I should boil my syrup? And for the alcohol part, from what I understand I should put it when it's cold but not if there is crystallisation already?
  7. Oooh herbsaint with energy drink... I like a lot, even though I'm curious about taste. As for music, Bowie is certainly a good "heure verte" choice, Sound and Vision being one of the best song for the occasion certainly!
  8. Ugh, shuffle made me fall on Your Song from Elton John... It's not bad, but not the song I hoped at the end of my glass... 2000 man from Rolling Stones is changing my mind, and I'll finish with them !.. P.S.: Haha, listening to the Stones made me think that my opinion about Taboo (which I was drinking) is really one of "Mixed Emotions" .
  9. Hi fellows, I don't have any sugar cubes left, so I made myself some simple syrup. At first I put it in a little coffee-cream jar I had, in the fridge, but it crystallised pretty quickly (more quickly than, say, maple syrup). I assumed it was because it wasn't hermetic so I put it in a little glass jar. But it's still crystallising, although more slowly... Anybody have a trick for keeping your simple syrup quite "syrupy"? Thanks, .
  10. Here's my tonight's gear. The glass was from my father but is perfect for absinthe. The plate is also from him. As for the spoon, it's a eAbsinthe promotion gift. The pitcher is a buy from this fall and the glass jar is for my simple syrup (I don't have sugar cubes anymore ). Missing : my other pitcher, my "sugar-cube-only" spoon (which is not a spoon, I really don't know what this is, but it does the job) and my two "Absomph-ized" glass with a mark for 2 ounce and a strange flower-pitcher-style. Rag tag gear, but at least I'm not burning anything !
  11. Feeling kind of lost these days, so it seems like good time to let go the wild green fairy from the north-western heartlands of Okanagan... Yeah, sipping some Taboo .
  12. Is it me or all fakesinthe and simili-absinthe have been dropped out of the WS Review? Anyway, good idea! I think it's more simple that way, because there was always the question what to add or not (for exemple if Henri Bardouin is there, why not review other pastis) or how to compare beverage that have no similarities, which is hard, can be misleading for those searching for real absinthe and a bit hard on those product that are not so bad but look horrible because we can't rate them high as absinthe because they aren't.
  13. Hmm, finally I'm not sure I'll be there... If I can, it'll be at Dieu du Ciel.
  14. Alan, I'll be there at Dieu du Ciel or Lab Bar. Hope there'll be other fellows to!
  15. Yeah good news! I'm eager to try Taboo. Clandestine is quite expensive, I'll continue to go to DdC if I want some. As for Kübler, I'll surely try it one day but I had mixed comments about it. Anyway Alan, why are you coming to Montreal? I understand it's a business trip, I am right? Anyway, it would be nice to meet you at Dieu du Ciel. Or maybe at Sarah B's (bar of the InterContinental hotel), the new absinthe bar in Montreal. Never got there. Don't know what they sell and at which price either. As for Le Lab, does it sells absinthe to!? It seems the green fairy has done some nice progress here. Maybe soon it'll be a real nice place absinthe-speaking. Anyway, cheers !