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  1. I got your point. But please, don't get me any wrong, name of this absinthe was not chosen to ride on the coat tails of L'Ancienne. We don't need such thing. Absolute majority of our customers never heard or even tasted L'Ancienne. All the production went directly abroad to your favorite absinthe eshops and to you, members of absinthe forums. I can even tell that I know all the L'A owners But J&A is another story. I could sell all that 200 litres just here in Czech to the people who never heard about L'A. It is not made to make fortune. It is because I love absinthe and people here in Czech love our products. Actually it was prepared to Czech republic only. But when I revealed it, your fave Germany located eshops asked for some too. I could name it simply Absinthe - Methode Ancienne. It is a common phrase. But instead I chose J&A because I wanted to use that name for a very long time. Our next product could be named 3am Eternal. Or 'A Sync
  2. What Stefano said! Absinthe is our love of life, but you know, niche product like no other. Whole Europe is now riding on gin wave.
  3. Whoa, it's been probably a year since I was here on WS, sorry about that. But you know, Book of Faces is ruining it all. Thank you for making this thread and let me explain. Stefano left the commercial absinthe production. He is one of the best distillers I've ever met and I completely respect his decision to stop L'A because it is very hard for him to leave USA, go to our place, distill a few liters and return back. Please note that J&A isn't rebranded L'A. It is my variation of preban style absinthe. It is quite similar, because the same wine base, source of herbs, our alembic, barrels etc. You can't hide origin of the home distillery. J&A is more floral, smoother and not so heavy on leather and smokey side. I know some of you didn't like that "leather, old money aroma" so I made it my way. Name of the absinthe is my homage to The KLF. British pioneers of rave, house and chillout music. The group who hugely affected my life in 90's. One one of their aliases was Justified Ancient of Mu Mu. You probably know the song called Justified & Ancient feat. Tammy Wynette. Over & Out.
  4. What Stefano said! By the way, all the bottles left our warehouse today. It usually takes two days to deliver to Germany and the rest is on your favorite eshop. Cheers!
  5. Divided. Mr. DuVallon was too kind to share a few kilos with us.
  6. I hope it will be OK if I post Marc's post about DuVallon special wormwood which is inside L'Ancienne 2014. So here is the story. He wrote it at Absinthe Originals group on Facebook.
  7. There are some quick mobile photos. High level of psychoactine thujone, oh my gosh. Thujone is still very strong marketing thing here in Czech, sellers of Hill's are claiming that it contains 35 mg and having more is illegal. Then you let it test and result is 2,52/0,79 = 3,32 mg in total. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72913/IMG_5520.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72913/IMG_5517.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72913/IMG_5518.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72913/IMG_5519.jpg
  8. It was a huge surprise when Hill's introduced their first distilled absinthe in December 2013. They simply had to make it, becouse sales of our infamous czechsinthes are dropping like hell here in Czech republic. People finally realised there is quite big difference between distilled and cold-mixed ones. Two years ago our Tesco retail stores were selling classic Hill's mouthwash for 20 % more, than is our retail price of St. Antoine. Nonsense. New, 400 bottles limited run of real distilled Hill's absinthe is probably an attempt to show people "hey, we can do it too". Absinthe itself is drinkable, classic style without any unusual herbs. Wormwood is almost undetectable. According to our own private test they got 2,52 mg of alpha and 0,79 mg of beta thujone. What does it mean? They got more thujone from a. pontica than a. absinthium. Grand absinthe is almost undetectable in aroma and taste. It is for the first time I see such result (more pontica than absinthium). But overal huge step in their development. I even sent them an email saying "congrats to your new distilled absinthe, I am really glad you are trying to make real stuff, keep up the good work". Sadly, without reply. The only real disappointed is with their label. It contains usual bullshitting:
  9. Thank you for your note, Phoney. This is the first time I heard about such issue. And to be honest, I have no idea how this could be possible. I am regular (like really regular) St. Antoine drinker and never got the same problem (like shaking the bottle to mix anethole). Really strange. St. Antoine has very nice, thick and stable louche since batch no 3, so all the batches from last 5 years. Could you please write me Lot code (on the bottom, something like L0719B13)?
  10. Simon, I am using shipito.com quite regularly (actually they sent me almost 30 packages up to date) and never had a single problem. Half of the packages included alcohol
  11. Excuse se me, I really don't want to make any business related stuff here on WS, not even get money off your pocket. But on the other hand, there might be some of you who want to try our stuff which is impossible to buy in USA and this could be your chance to properly taste it. What if I prepare some packages with selection of our bottles, like "explore Zufanek's" and offer it here for very friendly price? First package could include 0,5l bottle of slivovitz, pear brandy, apricot brandy, beer schnapps, second: oak-barrel aged slivovitz, oak-barrel aged pear brandy, oak-barrel aged wine brandy, mead base, third: juniper spirit, kontusovka, walnut liqueur and honey liqueur. I'd like to stick with maximum 4 bottles in one package becouse of safety and maybe troubles with your Customs. But it is just my thought. Brian, feel free to delete or move this post to more related market thread. Or maybe I could create some in The Market thread with more detailed info.
  12. Thank you guys for such a kind words! I really appreciate it. Mead Base was an experiment with using non-classic (traditional) base. As Scott mentioned, we got quite large fruit orchards, quite lots of bees and of course honey. So in 2009 I took our 3 yrs old Mead (honey wine), redistilled it and used it as a base for absinthe maceration. Result was quite interesting and seemed like people enjoyed it. I've added it into regular assortment and kept the prototype name, Mead Base. As you can imagine, it is all about mead spirit. I have used less anise and fennel to not-overpower sweetnes and aroma of distilled mead. What is sweet by nature (like honey) must be also combined with some bitterness. Jing Jang. And bitterness was achieved by almost double amount of pontica in coloration in compare with our other absinthes. Absinthe itself is a very basic Pontarlier style. So 4 distilled and 2 macerated herbs. Once again, becouse of this (very expensive) base which I didn't want to hide by adding more herbs. If anyone would be interested, Antoine from absinthes.com wrote an review which got the point.
  13. Have you also noticed delicate candy-like subtone? I got two samples from two different bottles from Oxygenee and both of them are rather orange than dead leaf. Fritz Duval is my second most favourite preban absinthe from all I had pleasure to drink.
  14. Thank you guys! To be honest, I've never had such a cool friends until I walked into absinthe world. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder