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  1. You would be the one stop Sazerac shop! I'm seeing a Sazerac kit.....
  2. Mine arrived Friday. I ordered a second as well as two bottles of Sazerac rye to go with it. Bitters being sent seperately...no one stocks them around here! Ugh...how long should it take to make a simple cocktail?
  3. I have a bottle on order. Been waiting for this to make a "proper" sazerac for quite some time.
  4. I usually have a glass right before I fight Grendel.
  5. I picked up a box of Frey Absinthe chocolates when I was in Switzerland over the summer. It's actually not a bad combination.
  6. But from the consensus here, I'd say the guaranty on flavor is etched in granite! Thank you Thank you He will be here all week folks.... ....oh, and try the fish......... (canned applause) cut to commercial........
  7. Who will supply the drinks? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........ Oh....BEST OF LUCK!!!
  8. Sprite and beer people.... Sprite and beer. What's it called again? Panache?
  9. I've never had a louching issue with the V.C. I have used a water bottle, brouilleur, and the balancier. Maybe a different louche with each, but it always louches. Anyway....... I have to ask about this Sprite thing though. How come Sprite and not water?
  10. Shoot..didnt notice that part.........
  11. Never heard of it. The $30 price point has arrived though. http://www.edwardthethird.com/