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  1. There isn't really a New Orleans Style of absinthe, but merely a couple of brands that make reference in their names to the only American city that really had an absinthe affinity before the ban. Herbsaint, both new and old, would have to be the arbiter of any local NOLA style, and I don't think there's anything minty about it. It's been awhile since I've had the Jade NO, but I don't recall any mint in that either. Thanks for the clarification. Eager to try the VC, regardless.
  2. Great post, Mike. This thread has pretty much solidified my thoughts on a first purchase. I was strongly considering VC for a first bottle - And great follow up on second bottle recomendations, all. Looks like my first order will be VC and ?. Mike, Did you pick up a "minty" quality with the VC? If I understand correctly, it is a big part of the "New Orleans" styled absinthes Like VC and NO (do correct me if I am wrong). Not to hijack, but would you guys consider MoL a more "traditional" flavored absinthe as compared to, say, VC/ L'Italienne/other reigional varieties?
  3. There are ways arounds that situation. There are a few others in the city that indulge now and then. At least that's the rumor... Hmmm... Do I see a friendship developing in the future? I hope so!
  4. Good stuff! I served with the 1Cav and the 18thAB. Good luck on your stripes! In wielding your new responsibilities, the only advice I will offer is never expect your men to do something you can't or wouldn't do yourself.
  5. oldiedog52, I was in both The Navy and Army. In The Navy, I served as an Aircraft Structural and Hydraulic Mechanic (F/A-18). In The Army, I served as a Field Artillery Meteorological Crewman and a Field Artillery Surveyor. I also participated in OEF & OIF in an Infantry/MP role. My exit rank was Sergeant (E-5). -Rob
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome folks!
  7. Hello all, A little about me to start things off. My name is Rob. I have been perusing this website and forum for some time now and decided to jump in. I notice there are a good number of Texans here..Howdy, y'all! I am currently living in Houston, TX by way of New Orleans, LA (Born and raised). I work in the restaurant industry and have spent most of my adult life (while not in the Military) as a bartender/restaurant manager. I enjoy fine food and drink, cigars, cooking, and am an avid fisherman. My experience with absinthe is limited, having only sampled it in Europe while on vacation and in the back streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Since most of those experiences were long ago, I fear what I have sampled was not absinthe at all - just mere imitation. With a recent lapse in employment, I have had some idle time to explore interests that have been on the "back burner" - including absinthe. After what seems hours of browsing a multitude of websites to find good information and reviews, I find this place has been the most helpful and possesses a more agreeable demeanor than other forums (if you catch my drift). I look forward to learning more from the members of this forum and sharing my experiences as they come. The selection in the local liquor store is unimpressive, to say the least. Funny how it appears that I can sample Europe's finer brands, but can't try the American offerings that seem so nice. Now, if I could only find a place that ships to Texas, HA, HA! Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you! -Rob