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  1. ...to Shabba. For making a drunkard very happy. Cheers. I can't wait to start drinking again.
  2. The former, for reasons better left unexplained. Had some Gumballhead tuesday night, real interesting I liked it a lot, though it's hoppiness was a bit much for a true wheat beer, which I know was the point.
  3. My Brother loved the Wasatch beers (especially the Polygamy Porter) when he was stationed at Salt Lake City, the Brewery even put up a billboard in downtown to aggravate the mormons.
  4. I'm a big fan of German wheat beers, one of my favorite American versions is Sierra Nevada's, but it's only around in the summer. I also like mine of course. The one we make at Watch City is kinda funky, but yummy, we put orange, tangerine, lemon and lime zest in it. It's only available at the pub though. If you ever see Harpoon's UFO, avoid it.
  5. Thanks, like a cat I come and go with long absences.
  6. Yes we did, and when are we doing it again? Though trying to fit a social life (well, any kind of life) into working 3 jobs kinda sucks. Hey Scuto.
  7. I've visited the 2 Simon Pearce studios in VT and purchased quite a bit from them. It is all very high quality artwork and these glasses will no doubt be the same. I will be getting a few.
  8. You forgot, he piggybacked the photos on a website of a client of his, the client was informed.
  9. Luc's friend didn't get the money back, but the bottles. Full?
  10. Watch City Brewery in Waltham, MA has always made excellent beers, their beers are even better the last few months. Of course, me Mum was from Waltham and I've tried my damdest to move away...oh well, someone had a saying for that.
  11. I tried, I overheard the bartender describing how to prepare it to another customer "burning the sugar makes it taste better", followed by groans after tasting it, I gave up.
  12. How hard can it be to peel back the cover and bake for 45 minutes?
  13. I've really been digging The Hackensaw Boys lately.