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  1. complex and unusual is ok but i want to get at least one bottle that doesnt depart from the traditional absinthe flavor. my order will be two bottles so i can get the free shipping and Vieux Carre will probably be the first. any suggestions for the second that are good and dont stray to much from what a traditional absinthe should taste like?
  2. First of all, thank you to everyone that commented and made me feel welcome. I have always loved anything flavored with anise and that's the main reason I have always wanted to try absinthe. I know a lot of people want to try it because they think it will get them high and the lucid bottle just seemed like it was marketed more for that crowd. I was afraid that if i picked that bottle up it would be loaded with wormwood and be too bitter to enjoy. I do wish i had gotten that one instead now that I have read the reviews but i will order online next time and hopefully get something good. right now I'm looking at Obsello Absinthe Verte (750ml), Philadelphia Distilling "Vieux Carre" Absinthe Superieure (750ml), and La Fee Absinthe Parisienne (750ml) . Based on the reviews I have read those seem like a good choice, but any input from someone that knows if they are good or not would be appreciated. Any suggestions would be welcome also.
  3. Hello everybody, i have wanted to try absinthe for a long time now and i finaly got the chance. i was on vacation and found a store that had 2 diffrent bottles lucid and grande absente. not knowing anything about either i went with grande absente because i liked the label on it and it seemed more like it was trying to stick with the classic look and hopefully the clasic recipe. after reading both reviews i wish i had gotten lucid. i do like the grande absente also though but i probbly wouldnt buy this brand again. i cant really afford to drink absenthe very often but i look forward to trying another bottle eventually.