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  1. Hi, I'm in Edmonton, Alberta (for the time being)....but my heart will always be in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  2. Hi, I bought from Rue Verte. Antoine was very nice and encouraging. He had no worries, at all, that the Duplais would get past Canadian Customs. Seeing how it is actually done, I'm impressed. He even maintains his delivery guarantee for Canada. Other companies, I have made inquiries with, outright rejected my request to ship to Canada or would completely void their delivery guarantee and essentially "wash their hands of it" (the sense that I got from it) leaving it totally your own risk.
  3. Hi all, My names Benjamin...I'm brand spanking new to the world of Absinthe. Thus far I have had the misfortune of never being introduced to the beverage being born and raised a Canadian. Although, recently we have acquired one domestic company based out of BC that manufactures, from what I hear, a "decent" absinthe made in the traditional fashion. I've just ordered my first bottle of Absinthe from online....a choice selection (from what I understand) of Duplais Verte. It will be a gift for a friend who considers himself a connoisseur of fine spirits. I undoubtably will get my first taste shortly. If I may, for Canadians who aren't already aware, importing Absinthe (and other spirits, wines etc) is perfectly legal in our country. The only touchy spot is importation/transport via the postal service. There are companies out there who ship successfully (via air courier with slight delays in customs) to Canada and many happy and satisfied taste buds in Canada. Although this is based on which province one hails from. Considering I've selected a more traditional Absinthe for a friend (a preference/opinion for which I understand, from those "in the know" there is no substitute...what would you recommend for me to order for myself in the coming weeks? Considering the variety and personal preferences from most I've read opinions from, I selected the Duplais based solely on "ratings". Is this the way to begin? Any advice on starting out would be much appreciated. Thanks, Benjamin