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  1. I enjoy Herbsaint a hell of a lot more than Lucid, for what it's worth. And it's cheaper, too.
  2. Working from home this afternoon with my first glass of Ridge Verte. I can tell I'm going to need more than 1 glass to get to know this one, it's incredibly layered.
  3. I'm on my 2nd bottle of Obsello and I really find I prefer it to Mansinthe, personally. There's a powdery finish to Obsello that someone may or may not have told me is Hyssop-- I can see that bothering some people but it simply adds to the experience for me. Still waiting on my Ridge to arrive after a mix-up (on my part) with my Caddell-Williams order so I can't add to that. I will give a big + to the Delaware Phoenix suggestions-- Meadow of Love is my favorite liquor of any kind.
  4. Ordered the Verte from C & W. They were pretty stunned to get 2 mail orders for the same product "already this morning" (10:15 pst). Ridge will be my #9
  5. Lucid was my introduction also, though I can't say I enjoyed it all that much. Whatever you try, have fun with the journey!
  6. I might suggest Marteau as an excellent true absinthe that doesn't pussyfoot...
  7. This "3G Cocktail", http://www.barnonedrinks.com/drinks/-/3-g-13355.html I used VP, instead of Ricard, for the rinse... and Stirrings ginger liqueur.
  8. OYO and St. Germain gimlet Great combination.
  9. Hung mine in my office this morning. Great job everyone!
  10. began with a 10ml 3:1 Herbsaint. Now enjoying a really great Lagunitas Brown Shugga. This has a phenomenal mahogany color. Too sweet for more than an occasional treat, but I'm glad I tried it.
  11. Heavy Seas Smoke on the Water, Imperial Smoked Porter.
  12. Indeed, I consider myself quite the fortunate fool!
  13. I personally don't recommend Lucid as a beginner absinthe; it was my first and -- if it weren't for this a'here forum -- would've turned me off the green stuff for good. Lucid remains the worst I've tasted (again, thanks to all of you people).
  14. After all that, I ruined (ruint, even) my first glass of Herbsaint. I set it under a slow drip and went outside to start the charcoal grill, which decided was not interested in lighting. When I came back in, the glass was full to overflowing with delicately absinthe-scented water. Over the course of the evening I drank two properly made glasses, each diluted to 3:1, no sugar, water at about 55F. I found the Herbsaint to be rather enjoyable. I was surprised at the level of bitterness (still pleasant) from an absinthe substitute. My slow drip (1 drop / 2 seconds) produced a lovely louche but louche was very weak when using a fast drip/trickle. I had similar results with Pacifique. Overall, I prefer the Herbsaint to Duplais Blanche and Lucid-- it's certainly a great absinthe alternative for the price. I plan on trying it in a Larspeart Frappé tonight.
  15. I have Herbsaint and VP arriving tomorrow and I can hardly wait (Literally: I'm driving 21 miles to a FedEx warehouse instead of waiting for it to be delivered!). Unfortuately, my state continues it's backward progress in allowing decent absinthes(ques) to be sold, so I'm stuck with mail-order. This should make you feel better about wherever you live-- Lucid, Mata Hari, NV, Grande Absente.
  16. Dave, welcome! 'bout damn time there was another Ohioan in the forum. As you've seen, we're pretty much limited to mail-order or border hopping for decent absinthe. (I've kinda been thinking of trekking down to our southern neighbor to pick up Corsair Red). Great stuff on these forums, enjoy! edit: oh yeah, to answer your question: Obsello. Great "daily drinker" as they say in the wine world. A bit lighter ( I don't go more than 3:1 water ratio with O) than your others. My personal absinthe rankings: 1. Meadow of Love 2. Pacifique 3. Marteau 4. Walton Waters 5. Obsello 6. Duplais Blanche ... 11. Lucid (I've only had 7 absinthe brands but I can already tell you Lucid's not in my Top 10. ;> )
  17. Whitley Neill and lavender simple syrup over ice.
  18. The yellow could definitely be consistent with age. uv exposure (especially short wave) can turn some clear glass amber over time; your glass may be exhibiting this color change. Lack of fluorescence could indicate a pure silica -- Italy used to use pure quartz in their glass blowing (But now I'm well out of my league, expertise-wise). Good news is that it doesn't have lead oxide or uranium oxide, so it's perfectly safe!
  19. Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter. I'm liking this a lot.
  20. Luckily, I never liked Bicyclette anyway. I approach all vin de pays with a little skepticism-- they are nearly all over-priced in the US even when they're the grape they claim to be. My Pinot collecting started out from an attempt to find a wine my wife would like. Touring Sonoma Valley on our 1st anniversary, her favorite wine out of about 80 tastings was the A.V.V. Pinot Noir. As fun as Sideways was, we consistently prefer the Oregon and Sonoma PNs over Southern California. The "Lange Estate Vineyard" Dundee Hills AVA is my personal favorite. Really nice family. This discussion is making me pine for the Dundee Hills...
  21. The Imbibe article was a good, concise history of the effort to bring back the original Herbsaint. It certainly succeeded in raising my level of interest. Less successful (and off-topic, forgive me) was their comparison of coffee-infused beers; none of the US brews were reviewed.
  22. After trying out several different cellar trackers / inventory tools, I've really gotten to like VinCellar. It's free (at least, I'm only using the free parts) and it's proved extremely useful to me over the months I've used it. Along with doing inventory management, it does a bunch of other things... it does some kind of valuation magic that tells you if a specific bottle is more or less valuable than what you paid (e.g. my '94 Dow is worth about 2x the purchase price). It also does spectacular metrics or analytics of your collection. The summary page tells me I have 83% Still 6% Dessert 6% Fortified 4% Sparkling... and 76% Red 22% White 2% Rose. It creates dynamic pie-charts of just about everything: Country of origin, varietal, sub-region... My region chart: It also let's you give reviews and ratings that are either private or shared with other VinCellar users. Pretty cool. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to dig into my Pinot Noirs (30%).