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  1. There're metalheads here. Isis is really good. High On Fire anyone?
  2. 'Your Lordship' will do just fine, esne. Behold a high horse
  3. Today I saw my aunt and uncle off at the airport for their latest excursion to vegas. I got there before them (so I thought) and waited in front of their airline. After fifteen minutes went by I went to the little girls room and on my way noticed them sitting at the bar behind me. My uncle couldn't wait to get to vegas to lose some money so he lost 30 bucks at the airport playing flush fever at the bar. Luscious Oily Lesbians! So we talked about where they were staying and what they would be doing and started things off with a margarita. That margarita was definitely not for light weights. Then I had a tall drop top amber ale. After that I had a rum and coke. I called it quits after that since I had to drive home and said goodbye to my aunt and uncle. Now back at home I'm sipping on my second Crown and Coke as I type this. I know what you're thinking, no absinthe? My Marteau gets here tomorow and I'll check back in then. Cheers!
  4. I love Eugene! I was born and first lived there. It will always be my home.
  5. Marteau at 6 to 1, interesting. I guess I will have to do some expirementing when my order arrives.
  6. "the halucination drink right?" Some give that guy a WS link stat
  7. Booze and fatherhood go together like guns and bullets
  8. Apply palm of hand to forehead
  9. It's a good idea, but unfortunatley most people don't care to be educated and you would probably find more flyers in the trash than sitting next to peoples computers. Ah. what do I know, give em hell.
  10. All this talk makes me thirsty. Hurry fedex! I am ready to begin the jurney
  11. Have you ever been to junction?