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  1. :cheers: They are supposed to taste different, while they both have the same herbal aroma, the ratio of ingrediants are unique. With the many Absinthes to choose from, I suggest you not put all your efforts in just two brands, but learn from tasting the inexpensive absinthes and work to the more expensive if you can afford to. You will be able to decide what brands are more suited to your tastes. Another excersize you can do is research what makes absinthe and taste each herb to get an idea of the mouth feel of each. Developing a palette takes time and I'm not there yet.

  2. :cheers: My unopened bottle of Marteau has been languishing in a dark corner of Molly's kitchen cupboard since it was given to me at Christmas.


    But when cancer treatments started the Dr's recommendation has been no alcohol, so I will honor that request.


    However around july 4th, when treatment is over and all is normal once again, I will be opening the Marteau and will toast the time and enjoy.


    By the by, treatments are progressing well with 50%+ gone and I am doing whats expected of me with a glass always half full!