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  1. North of Plastic City (Los Angles), Calif Oscar, I love your new avatar!!!!!!!
  2. Looks like it was fun. Do we get to hear the jam session?
  3. Welcome Edouard is my new favorite.
  4. I can see myself sipping to some White Blood Cells or Elephant. Is there anyone who listens to Marilyn Manson anymore?
  5. Not old and crusty, yet, but I appreciate Hendrix and Clapton... Thanks to my dad (who incidentally resembles Jimi.)
  6. Sandpedlar, What Hiram said! Totally digging the avatar. Excellent! Anytime after thanksgiving would be great. I just have to convince the husband why inviting strange people in the house to booze it up is a good idea. I had a cocktail party last night and was the only one to drink absinthe. Effers with their chocolate martinis! Finally tasted the Edouard and my novice palate says, " Yum!" It's become my new favorite. Except, I have to use a tea strainer to pour. The cork got a bit crumbly and is now swimming inside the bottle. Will it degrade the taste?
  7. Maligayang Bati!!!! (what all they said)
  8. That makes what? 6? I'd like to think that I am better looking than my avatar, but some days, no amount of makeup can make it so.
  9. Last night, I was going to finally crack open the Edouard in celebration of acing my finals, but, I guess I fell asleep. I can't seem to manage to drink the Edouard and it's become a joke between me and the husband. I've only had the bottles since March... Will definitely order the La Bleue. Also, nobody seems to have the fountains in stock. I'll need one for a party on the 19th. Help please? I have a huge infusion jar and mismatched candlestick that holds the jar in place, but it's not pretty.. I was thinking about serving a few different bottles to introduce my friends to absinthe; should I serve more than one kind? Which ones first? At all? I have a bottle of Nouvelle-Orleans, 2 of the Edouard, half a bottle of Un Emile 68, half a bottle of Blanche de Fou, and a bottle of Verte. Anyone in the LA county area? Would be nice to have a tasting. Thanks everyone for being so nice.
  10. Since all the cool people have cat avatars, I thought I'd have 2. I will definitely try the Clandestine. How is the Kallnacher? Thanks for the warm welcome.
  11. My name is Marie and I'm sorta new to absinthe. I've been lurking in the absinthe forums (FeeVerte, LL, and here) for a long time but don't say very much. I'm 30, married with 2 kids, live north of Los Angeles. I work in the medical field and go to school to further my nursing career.... So if anyone has any medical/nursing question esp pertaining to livers, I'm here and I promise I won't advise you to stop drinking. I believe I had my first glass of UE late last year - memory is a bit hazy. I've only tried the UE, VdF, BdF, and the Jade NO. I also have a couple of unopened Edouards.... guess just haven't gotten around to trying it. Although I think the NO is very good, the BdF is still my favorite. I also am more fond of the UE than when I first tried it. Could be just my imagination or the bottle "aged"? Compliments for a very nice place here, Hiram and thanks for letting me join.