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  1. North of Plastic City (Los Angles), Calif Oscar, I love your new avatar!!!!!!!
  2. Looks like it was fun. Do we get to hear the jam session?
  3. Welcome Edouard is my new favorite.
  4. I can see myself sipping to some White Blood Cells or Elephant. Is there anyone who listens to Marilyn Manson anymore?
  5. Not old and crusty, yet, but I appreciate Hendrix and Clapton... Thanks to my dad (who incidentally resembles Jimi.)
  6. Sandpedlar, What Hiram said! Totally digging the avatar. Excellent! Anytime after thanksgiving would be great. I just have to convince the husband why inviting strange people in the house to booze it up is a good idea. I had a cocktail party last night and was the only one to drink absinthe. Effers with their chocolate martinis! Finally tasted the Edouard and my novice palate says, " Yum!" It's become my new favorite. Except, I have to use a tea strainer to pour. The cork got a bit crumbly and is now swimming inside the bottle. Will it degrade the taste?