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  1. Yup, I tend to say that the only good way to do anything is "in style" - in French I would say "avec panache", which adds a little plus of bravado.
  2. Hahah indeed Much better than Van de Casteel's bag of tricks
  3. Yup, the slang in French for a system cane with a vial is a "Lautrec". Fayet went as far as making a reproduction of the original Lautrec cane : http://www.cannes-fayet-byvivadia.com/cann...trec-p-178.html
  4. Flashback : March 2011 I defy a friend of mine, whose participations to the world of absinthe are generally lauded even though he's not know for it, and who is a man of many skills, to think how he would make an absintheur cane which would be resilient enough to be a real orthopedic walking stick and could contain a 3cL flask of absinthe. This friend accepts the challenge and proposes to realise this cane, provided I reward him for his time and the raw materials (including the cane's body). The result is the following The body is from a Fayet cane. Fayet is a world renown cane maker (they have provided the most beautiful models for House MD). He has been working on the handle Funny thing is... The upper part of the cane can be adapted to my outfit, with several handles using materials coming from flea markets And I was keeping the best part for the end : remove the upper part and tadaaaaa Yup, it can accept a 3cL flask (the format corresponds to standard chemical glassware, but I definitely want to have one made of silver) And to top it all ? There is a last "upper part" Ebony and ivory. Nice eh ? But if we take a closer look to the ivory part... It's actually a little cache for a little piece of sugar
  5. Gentlemen, as always the invitation stands : anyone of you coming to Paris and wanting to go treasure hunthing is welcome to contact me.
  6. Hell boy, if I hadn't insisted you would not have bought this damn Maison Arthaud But yeah, two bargains, two beautiful spoons, well done (as a matter of fact I found a Frenay recently too, therefore I have a spare )
  7. If you are not sure about aging a bottle and you ever find a dusty one, like, for example, a vintage one, I am ready to take the fall. No, no, don't thank me (Side note : some think that wine alcohol based absinthe ages better)
  8. Argenti was a pretty decent absenta last time I tasted it Great find Scott, tell us your impressions !
  9. Tell me about it... It's the hell to get these products over here. And even when you finally get a friend (whom I thank mostly and has already replyed to this post) to get a bottle, to share and to have a bit for yourself, you have to fight the connaisseurs who will use threats of physical means to get a drink of it. That's how good it is. The sad story though is that it would cost an arm and a leg to have it sold officially in an European store. And believe me, I have discussed seriously with some about it.
  10. Personnal favorites : trous 16 "wiskermann", and another pretty strange one I have (unique model AFAIK) The reason for both is pretty obvious : small holes, so slow drip, and a "reservoir" so that the sugar has time to melt
  11. Not Nice, Antibes. I know they are 20 mn apart, but still http://g.co/maps/mnhuq
  12. They are rather thin, so they are probably of spanish make, for the post-ban spanish market, much like the Pernod tarragona branded brouilleur. They came out this time in a lot of 8 if my memory is correct, some of them were intact, some had minor defects Hum I can't be definite on this one. There have been several version of the famous Cusenier see saw brouilleur, with several sizes, shapes of the see saw, etc. Why not several sizes for the holes in the terminus... There is for example a very scarce other model known of the Terminus with 6 holes (personnal collection of Marc Thuillier) and that would answer your other question
  13. Some little things I brought back from les absinthiades A vintage sugar bowl, made by Georges Long, the main fountain maker in 1900, with exactly the same features as a fountain A terminus brouille And this Pontarlier glass I loved at the first sight And a few weeks before, this cute little brouilleur entered my collection
  14. This person, out of my mind, doesn't have any experience with absinthe, and yet, under certain circumstances I would have liked to have experience with her http://www.missfc.fr/?type=doubs Anyway : was on popular jury
  15. Think of the customers ! For a good absinthe do be rated either as "drink or sink", you must have added value on the "sink" part.
  16. Authentique is in my humble opinion the best "by Pernot for Pernot" product so far, and yet it hits too close to home, there is nothing... Bold in it.
  17. Yah indeed. It is made in switzerland, but is not very typical of the Swiss style. Much more common to the French/american palate actually. It is quite herbal, and has a very definite profile which is Matter's signature.
  18. Well... There are some pretty interesting products, with their fair share of complexity even in swiss bleues. For the record, I am talking about : - Sapphire (Bugnon) - Capricieuse (Bugnon) - Duvallon (Duvallon) - Sevil (Duvallon)
  19. Well, Duplais are not that much of "Swiss" absinthes, it's the best counter-example Swiss asbinthe are, generally speaking (careful, not always true) : - Blanche (well, particular blanche called Bleue) - Sharper - Stronger on the anise/wormwood combo, often less herbal The swiss taste is very different from the French taste : the Swiss from the Val de Travers don't understand French absinthe, and the contrary is sometimes true
  20. That's one of the most gorgeous pictures of a pitcher I have ever seen I don't care for zoomorphic pitchers, but this one is a very fine piece
  21. A very good friend from around here, seemingly shocked to see this cute trashy Pontarlier girl (Angèle) louching what may have been a Walton Waters with a strong stream from a fully open spiggot :p Man, she was somewhere between mockingly flabergasted and furious, as our man may have been on his part (not sure, I was cooking and heard the original scene from the kitchen) People from the craddle of absinthe drink it like it's cheap booze which is now legal but used to be what grandma pulled from under the kitchen sink with a heavy wink Hell, my main antiques purveyor had to explain to Guy Besençon, a good friend of his and distiller of "l'élixir du pays des fées" that outside of the Val de Travers people think absinthe is a distinguished beverage
  22. Kind word of advice : don't try to teach people from Pontarlier how to drink absinthe They don't need education, they have tradition
  23. Garrett, if you are still looking for a maximator topette, PM me, I know a seller (but regarding to the price, you'd probably do better with Bill)