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  1. Actually you can buy it But you have to go for the whole set, the "pernod cube bar" http://www.the-boilermaker.com/2011/pernod-absinthe-cube-bar/#.ULS1uFJJRyY Costs an arm and a leg, sold with Pernod bottle. I have been aware of its existence for a long while, having discussed with Gonalons for an article in La Gazette. Pernod never gave their green light for the article to be published. I can give some facts on his work though
  2. So I had this piece of pork roast that what hitting the date limit, and I grabbed some small things I had in my kitchen : - Two potatoes - One red onion - 3 cloves of garlic - Star anise - Green anise - Dried lemongrass - Chicken stock - Some ginger powder - Some cumin I used my oven and an iron cast casserole I minced my onion, and had it sweating in some low fat butter and a coffee spoon of oil. At the same time, I diced my potatoes. I then added them in the casserole and turned the heat up to fry them a bit, and added a bit of cumin. I prepared a bouillon in a small sauce pan using the chicken stock, two stars of star anise, a table spoon of green anise, and a bit of lemongrass. I then removed the potatoes + onion from the casserole and braised the roast on the surface, adding a bit of ginger on each face. I deglazed my casserole with the bouillon, put back everything, added the garlic, and put in the oven, at approx 120°C for 2 hours, turning it twice. Then I reduced the heat to approx 45°C and let it cook at small temperature for 6 hours. Served with broccoli, it was delicious
  3. According to a friend of mine, amateur critique and quite the cook, star anise works well as an umami enhancer with meat. For reference, umami is the 6th savory taste, quite unknown in western cooking, that could be defined as "savory roundedness". You should try a swiss bleue next time
  4. Scott, there are no broken handles they are just showing from their profile. Since they are slimmer than on the JR fountains, they do not show well. Besides, while I truly appreciate your offer, the JR valves would not fit correctly along the particular bean shaped handles of this one. Thank you very much anyway ! Well... I'm quite lucky here. On this particular flea market there is sometimes a seller whom I know well through his girlfriend who is a famous collector. I'm quite lucky he was not there that day
  5. To my greatest surprise, I actually found a late absinthe period fountain on a flea market yesterday Perfect condition and the price was ridiculous to boost I'm so happy
  6. Now that I have a Georges Long fountain, I am selling my vintage JR fountain - It is genuine - There are some darker spots due to aging but otherwise it's in perfect condition - The asbestos filter has been removed, since I have been using it for some time (not anymore though) - The robinets are gripped, but used to work : they can be degripped and turn correctly again - Due to former usage, the bowl goes off a bit easily from the foot - The bowl is water-tight I'm asking 500€ + port. Contact me by PM
  7. Thanks guys You are going to make me blush :p Truth is I am a real cooking geek, what with my elder brother and best friend both being former chefs (also my mother's cooking is much more family cooking like, but it's good to the point some restaurants have asked for her recipes) If anything spikes your interest in particular, I'll be delighted to post the recipe. Though it looks impressive, save for handling the fish nothing is extraordinary difficult. But performing everything in an afternoon was a tremendous challenge. You have to perform several tasks at a time and know precisely beforehand how you are going to use your tools in parallel, and in what order you are going to do everything. Well, truth be told, I try new things in my kitchen most of the time. Even if the recipe is very classic, I will sometimes add something unexpected, just to add a spark. Learnt that from my mother, who uses chocolate in her venison pepper sauce.
  8. Went to my parents' place for my mother's 60th birthday and performed a bit of gourmet cooking Apéritif - Butter cooked angler liver, deglazed with strawberry vinegar on toasts of whole weat bread Starters : - Veal tartare on cucumber with a beet jelly - Caramelized pumpkin velvety soup - Red onions "gratinée" (a typical French soup with white wine, eggs, onions, toasted bred and toasted cheese) Main course - Lac Léman's fera (a high end fish found only in the lake separating France from Switzerland), one side cooked - Mâche salad, with pomegranate and grapefruit vinaigrette, topped with fried apple chips - Goat cheese, spinach and honey samosa Desert - Fruit soup with vanilla infused Clairette de Die (a sweet sparkling white wine from my mother's birthplace), containing strawberry sorbet, strawberries, orange supremes - Home made cinnamon and four spices sablés
  9. Glad to see the "perpetrator" giving his feelings As far as I know, Versinthe Blanche too is distilled using cold distillation in partial vacuum, mimicking techniques used for perfumes
  10. Thank you all ^^ 30th birthday, but not feeling old. I felt old the first time I walked with a cane, so somehow, remembering that I am only 30 makes me feel younger. Anyway, a PF Tarragona is a cristal bubble glass was the way to mark the occasion Scott, I anticipate so much seeing you again
  11. Waiting so much for pontarlier...

  12. I was on week end in my late grand parents' house in the French Drome (1h away from where Premier Fils was made), and during a flea market, my gf brought my attention to a whole stash of ouraline. Pic here : The cup and bowl on the right are slighly broken, but the cup is nice and will do fine at the back of a black lit cabinet. As for the bowl... I may use parts of it to make constructs out of ouraline. Don't know what quite yet but we'll see in time
  13. Are we talking of this 300$ bottle ? http://www.alandia.de/absinthe/product_inf...a---SOLD--.html Oups, missing a 0 Seriously though... On my part I tend to think the opposite... That prices have dropped down since 2008... Strange Anyway, here in France, the average "restricted collector market"/"ebay market" price is 600 for a 40s to 70s full bottle. I have seen it go down to 400 when caches were found lately (mainly the barcelona cache last year). Somehow we agree : from 300 to 1000, average 600, depends on who you know at what time, and where you bid. Therefore, my advice : gather 600+shipping True. I'd put the price to both the product (vintage absinthe) + service (networking+bidding+stock buying+certification, etc). When you buy without going trough a reputed seller such as Oxygenee LTD, you have to - find the market - take the shipping risk - take the content risk (ie : if your $600 bottle does not contain absinthe, up yours). Therefore, overall... Do they make THAT MUCH profit ? I am not quite sure...
  14. Wow, that's plain gorgeous. And well documented. Hardly anybody knows about glass caps, and I see you have one
  15. I often consider PF Tarragona to be the best quality/price ratio on both the vintage and modern market. Whatever the year, they are extraordinary products, often not too expensive for the quality, and usually far better than the average pre-ban absinthe (warning : I include ALL type of brands in this statement, not only PF or EP, etc) For the true absinthe lover, my best advice would be to save a few hundred bucks, and wait for a cache to appear. With the correct network, a bit of luck, you can find a full 1L bottle for less than 600€ (+ shipping) (I have two liters )
  16. Yup, the minette is definitely great, particularly during summer. Fresh, nice taste of herbs, a very good product overall with a very well thought of profile. Actually it's a reproduction of a vintage label owned by Marie Claude Delahaye's Musee de l'Absinthe in Auvers
  17. To answer the question on Ouraline (Uranimum glass) you can check this document : NUREG 1717 Systematic Radiological Assessment of Exemptions for Source and Byproduct Materials. Namely 3.13 and in particular . To sum up : the American government says it's okay
  18. My gosh, is this product good... Finally had a glass yesterday and it's truly wonderful
  19. Humpf... I still have an interview of Pierre Gonalons on how he came by the designs for the Pernod products. That being said, he did not want the interview published without the agreement of Pernod, which they never provided.
  20. Well, in Paris at least you have a few bars where you can find quality products (I can name at least 3 or 4). But we are the country of Distilleries de Provence (Absente) and Pernod-Ricard, both enterprises having a firm grip on the distribution market. You are doomed to drink crap if you are not lucky. Luckily though, la fee is rare to see.
  21. On topic : I have tasted - La fee : crap - La fee XS France : quality made, just not on par with the market, far too expensive for what it is - La fee blanche : not definite mistake, IMHO, but has no taste and no punch
  22. Dunno, but since it's quite Absomphesized™, we may have a clue as to where its content disappeared... And indeed a fine meeting it was Three members of the WWS (among other) were there : Marc, Maximiliano and yours truly
  23. Almost all Parisiennes (Heure Verte's absinthes), whether distilled at Devoille or Pernot, are aged in some way or another. They have been known to use "aged on mother" (as in "mother of vinegar") techniques and oak barrel too. When they use the latest they explicitely specifiy it. There is a swiss bleue, Willy Bovet's Nostalgie, which is oak barrel aged also, but Willy himself is not always too sure of the actual effect on the taste. The technique was quite mainstream during la belle epoque, with Pernod for example using it on all their production
  24. That would be because Heritage is not an Alandia product, and rather a product distilled by Paul Devoille, in Fougerolles. Vert d'Asinthe also sells it, and heureverte.com has a review An anised absinthe which like temper/character. It is definitely more alike to a Libertine intense rather than a Coquette or a Soixante Cinq (also made at Devoille), the later having this particular taste of gingerbread. The star anise may be redundant regarding the strength of the green anise and the over powering fenel, both of which also giving a good thickness to the product. Luckily, peppered notes give a bit of originality to this absinthe Heritage, which is definitely not aimed at the finest palates. ----------------------------- Personnal side note : being distilled at Devoille, this absinthe is served by their excellent, but very strong wine alcohol base, which is not that far from the very strong wine alcohol of the original Edouard Pernod's absinthes So called "Alandia products" are actually quite scarce. There would be "Maison Alandia" and "Epoque". The others (such as Republique for instance) are rebranded products, that you can find elsewhere under their real name. I have only tasted Epoque, the price tag of which used to put in on par with the Jades, and indeed it was this top level it was aiming for, and my feelings are... Meh.