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  1. Every one of them has been crafted mostly by Luc, with a good hand from Sébastien. Most of them are exclusive to Vert d'Absinthe (Désirée, L'enjoleuse, Belle Amie), and I must say that one of the things I will miss the most when living Paris will be going to the shop everytime one of these references is reedited
  2. I've heard that the pain would be too much to bear. If even Ozzy Ousborne stays away from putting alcohol where the sun doesn't shine, I'll refrain too, more so with crapsinthe
  3. Sad story. At least you got your money back... Ha, sending absinthe abroad... A friend of mine discovered an Argenti absenta bottle for almost nothing and set me half of it through the mail... and it never arrived.
  4. Don't worry, I know that. These reports are just a way to expose you guys the truth of flea markets : what I see, what is acceptable, what is not Yes this is a marathon, and I won't lie, it's usually easier to score on ebay, but such is not the scope of this hunt I am glad to see that you understand fully the terms :p
  5. Hum, this morning hunt did not bring anything good. Overly expensive fleches 5, because the seller had them silvered anew (which, in my opinion should lower their value, not raise it), once nice lyonnais glass, but no one wanting it, it was left there, some nice trefle spoons, but not nice enough for me to buy them thinking "they will definitely love that". Well, better luck next time
  6. Looks like a nice kit Too modern for my tastes, but there was a time I would have loved a lady :p
  7. Oh, I think both would be feasible May I recommend, in stead of having lunch at Le Train Bleu, which is, in my humble opinion quite overhyped, eating at La Fee Verte, at Bastille, which is equidistant from Luc's shop and Gare De Lyon ? It would depend on how much time you have (your luggage could always be left at GdL), but would make a far better experience, IMHO. Be careful with your timing though, Luc's shop is only open in the afternoon Otherwise, March 08, my place, in La Défense, good stock, the occasion to have a sip of a good tarragona, and only served in antique barware. And as I always do, I will be the cook, which is above average compared to parisian restaurants, and far cheaper.
  8. You are very welcome kind sir, and many thanks for your praise Same question as above : quantity or "quality" ? For example for 30€ I could have easily grabbed the 4 mint condition "losanges incurvés 2" I mentionned above. And it's a very nice looking kind of spoon. Torsade are easy to find in pairs, Yvonne can be found easily also, both match your criteria. Would that be ok ? Your budget for that ?
  9. Understood. Then I'll take my time to find something of the best value for that price. Should be feasible
  10. Noted. That's a comfortable amount to work with. If available, I'll try to match a good spoon to that. Otherwise, what would you prefer, if that happens : - Several spoons for said amount - One spoon for a far lower price ? Because with such an amount I could negotiate on quantity Oh, and remember that you have to add the expedition fees in you budget.
  11. I have an account, so I may, if you pay the fee. Any vintage spoon is quite easy, I'll definitely find something quite soon. What's your price ? I ask that, because according to your max price, I could adjust the "beauty" of the spoon
  12. Well don't be so sure, I did not have time to check my references before posting (and that's very not me). Anyway, I truly think you overall know as much as I am. So, here's the deal : you were right, I was wrong It happens that Marc has made a good report on the evolution of the Tarragona here. The gist is the following : - Edouard Pernod was bought some time around the ban by Pernod SA - When moving to Tarragona Pernod SA intially produced EP recipe - In 1935 Pernod SA integrates the Pernod Group - The recipe is changed to Pernod Fils Here you have it, and sorry for the false story
  13. Well in terms of recipe surely. In the early 20s, Pernod bought the late Edouard Pernod distilleries in Spain (if my memory serves well) and the recipe evolved thereupon. There you have it, a mix of two of the most acclaimed vintage absinthes : the sometimes bold and strong Tarragona (hum... actually it depends deeply on which bottle you have found... But Tarragona can definitely be very bold)
  14. Well I second Scott here. Reasons to dry a fountain : - Not letting the water go stagnant - Preserving said fountain - Ease of maintenance (prevents limescale) Fountains that can stand stagnant water : - Glass ones - Ceramic ones - Stainless steel ones (Frenchman top of the range only, La Véritable) Fountains that cannot - Other metal Frenchman (including Lady) - Antique Well you've got it. You should now besides that brouilleurs are sometimes refered, when complex (eg SeeSaw) as "personnal foutains". Fountains were typically barware, and are not thought for a personnal day to day use, pretty much like a complete espresso machine. Selling pricy fountains for mostly lone (2persons = lone here) drinkers is "defective by design". Additional info Medium term - An occasional bath of white vinegar will clean the "plumbing" and may protect spiggots from limescale in a metal fountain. Works for JR, Stainless steel, others to be tested. Antique restauration & maintenance - If your fountain has a leak, it's over don't use it. Spiggots on an antique fountain can be stuck. I found that separating the bowl, putting it on its head, and injecting WD40 and let it work for a few hours/days works marvels.
  15. Sample, this morning : 4 mint condition "losanges incurvés 2" (uncommon but not rare) vintage spoons, would have got them for less than a repro
  16. Hi to all, after having verified with Gwydion whether he was ok with that, I'd like to propose here a small service I propose on one of the French forums. Some must know that I often go "treasure hunting" on French antique markets. Some must also know that I have far too little space at my place to store too many things. Therefore I often leave on flea markets glasses (even reservoir (but not Pontarlier) ones), common spoons (a good quantity of them), and so forth. Therefore, I would like to propose the following : in this topic, anyone can post some lines like the following nickname - object sought for - quantity - max price per unit in € (without port) and I would look for it on my next hunts. Full honesty here : if I can strike a good bargain and lower the price for you or a group of you, you will get the items for cheaper, but I'll take a small margin. No that will never make hardly enough to start a business, it's just feels normal that I help you enhancing your gear, I should be able to enhance mine also The rules are the following : You post, I find, you pay, shipping included - Be sure you have the money set aside, I don't know when I will find. I use my own money if I buy for you, the least you can do is hold your promise to buy. If you can find a solution for cheaper shipping (grouping, etc) I am all ears. Common items only - What is rare can be found here, or here. Ask for simple spoons, simple glasses, even why not a JR fountain, but if you ask for too rare a thing, I will tell you that I cannot find it for you. I may occasionally find a rare item, but it will either be in poor shape, for me, or for a close friend. First come, first serve - There has to be a rule for that. For a given item, I will propose it to the first to ask for it. Exception to rule 3 : Taylor made is for you - If by chance I find a group of items which suits perfectly what someone asked for, it will be granted to the person who asked. I don't separate lots. 100 posts min - It's not much to get, but proves that you have a definite interest in absinthe, and reduces the risk that you are merely an antiques seller Market's a bitch, get over it - There are extraordinary bargains. Some may profit from it (for example if I find a group of glasses/spoons). Most of the time though there won't. Moreover the market for common items is volatile, prices raise and drop. Don't come and tell me that a few months ago the same item went at a cheaper price. Don't come and tell me that the item you payed has lost market value. I know. That's the reality, and I won't/can't do anything about it My life - I do that as a free service to fellow absinthe lovers. But it is I who does it, and here are the final limits : if my health prevents me from going to flea markets for a while, I just won't go, no need to pester me, and also, if you have been rude/impolite to me, I will not add or even remove your name from the list. I will try to answer each and every post to indicate the feasibility in terms of rarity, max expected price, "would you rather like ...", and such. Now go, the game is yours Clément
  17. Wahahahahahaha, finally, someone who, much alike Vert d'Absinthe's Luc, can make a strong difference whether the absinthe is prepared with a fountain or a brouille. Yes it's different, along several other small "variants" on how to prepare : - water temperature - dripping speed - several drips (terminus, see-saw) vs one drip (simple brouille/foutain) As for the "beet" flavor, or "swamp funk", not everybody notices it. And it may be revealed at high dilutions where the other flavors are weaker
  18. Original darwinism indeed, but you could defend through universal darwinism the opposite : idiots usually procreate faster, since they do not think of the consequences of having a child. (Romney has 5 children, put him in the category you want, but I am pretty sure he went through a politically suicidal campaign ). The truth could hurt : for one correctly educated and brought up absinthe drinker you may have 10 ass pluggers in a decade
  19. Yup, I have been thinking that lately. That green color from Matter is just eerie. I find myself thinking of it as less tasty. But Matter absinthes definitely have an unique character.
  20. Usually it's to attract binge drinkers. You know, the kind to put it on a tampon an shove it up their arses. I mean, when you reach that point , you just cannot go further with a still. That's why they don't go higher. (180 proof is the ethanol/water azeotrope). Can't understand people : if you want to be ill that much, at least use proper medical alcohol, the taste will be barely the same taken in a shot.
  21. Legend says that they have a dedicated coloration device, but that Oliver Matter is very secretive about it. I have never heard anyone saying they even had a glimpse at it.
  22. Well errrr... A stronger alcohol content tends to fixate a bit better the green color, that's all.