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  1. Thank you all for your warm welcome ! @Absinthe Ben Oh yes, I did. I discovered the "Matter profile" with the Marteau (did not have the luck to have a go at the US version though), followed by a Mansinthe, and I have some samples of Duplais and Brevans coming soon. The Blanche I have is not quite their usual blanche though, rather it's a special "cuite" prepared for France based on advices provided by Luc-Santiago Rodriguez (and is therefore known as "Duplais Blanche France"). A very fine recipe, but except for the color and the heavy louche, not quite a blanche anymore. (I was discussing with Rodriguez and told him the only blanche I was fond of was this one, and he concluded that I don't like blanche) Whereas I'd rather agree on the "when in doubt go Matter" for a confirmed absintheur, for a beginner though my advice would be Devoile. Which allows me to do the following transition @Will Bill Turkey Though I have seen you roaming around various fora (inc. HV and Oxy's), I do not remember having the luck of having shared thoughts with you. Yet, I see that I did not pass through your net I feel honored. Just a correction though, my father DOES prefer the Marteau, but since it was his initiation, we (Jehan-Matthieu from HV and yours truly) decided to have him start with a Libertine. Well, turns out what we had in our glasses (Marteau, that is) was much more to his tastes. That being said, you say that Libertine is too bitter for you... Which one ? The Libertine Amere would be excessively bitter, but a semi-aged Libertine 68, correctly oxygenated should be quite fine, don't you think ? I mean, the Devoile profile tends to develop its sweeter tastes with a month of oxygenation (which is why the Coquette, produced by Devoile for LSR is the absinthe I start drinking a month after I have open it )
  2. My heartfelt greetings to you, fine ladies & gentlemen, being quite the curious and talkative fellow, I finally decided to take part in the numerous and interesting conversations occuring in the quite renown circle of the english speaking absintheurs. Though I have a personal agenda (involving some dusty green opaque glass), I am quite open concerning everything related to the consumption of the fée verte and am currently trying to gather many experiences with as much fine absinthes as possible. While I am not fond of white absinthes, I consider myself lucky to count above a dozen different recipes in my past and current experiences, both white and green (and no, I did not try any red or strange-colored beverages, even if some of them might have appealed to my palate) I confess having a preference for the Jade (Breaux) and Parisienne (Rodriguez) absinthes, but my personnal reserve almost always contains a Matter (currently, ironicaly, a Duplais Blanche). Finally, even though my english is, I daresay, quite good, it is not, you may have understood so far, my mother tongue, so I'll ask of you all, and of our lords and masters (hi Marc !) some tolerance Santé !