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  1. Great site! Should be very helpful and is a long-overdue resource.
  2. Very nice to see RV carry on and thrive. Congratulations! Seeing the place I built* slowly die after my departure, I may be coming to absinthes.com for an order in the near future. *And damn, it makes me sad. So much hard work and love... * sigh *
  3. Really lovely grille, Scott! Nice catch!
  4. Hi everyone! Thank you I have had a super day- Neil and I went down to St Ives (2 hours away) and visited The Tate St Ives (fantastic Peter Lanyon exhibit on now), ate well, visited the Barbara Hepworth Museum, I bought some art books, and now I'm home for a cozy evening. Neil is making homemade pizza dough (it's my job to sort the toppings) and we're planning to watch a film. Also received an amazing absinthe gift from my former business associate (see my flickr for the photo of what I got) and the last bits of the shop handover are going smoothly. So far, I can't complain about 2011! Starting this month, I'm also following my dream and am going forth with an art and writing career full-time. I've always wanted it and now I have the opportunity to do it. If my mom were still with us, it'd be perfect, but I tell ya - regardless - this is one excellent birthday. Love to you all!
  5. From what I have been told, it tested a bit* above the legal limits for a certain t-word. I am not aware (nor would I say, if I knew) how this was brought to anyone's attention. Shame though; it was a good absinthe. I've had better, natch, but it was good. *Not the highest I've had, but enough to shut it down.
  6. Sapphire was good, but it bent some rules and got caught. Shame, but that's the way it goes. At least Opaline will still be around.
  7. I'm still running it until the end of December, so if you did want to order, it will be fulfilled. I'm not sure what will happen with the shop after that though, as I am turning it over to my associate in Germany. We will be discussing things further after Christmas. Good people, good times, and I built a good shop, but my work there is (almost) done. And yes, there is a really good 2011 ahead - I'm knee deep in my business/career plans as we speak. (They have nothing to do with absinthe, though I shall certainly still be an absinthe enthusiast; that hasn't changed!) And thank you all, every gorgeous one of you.
  8. Thank you all! I'll give more details when I manage something worth posting about. In the meantime, I'm happy and feel light. Go, me!
  9. "You're hearing it first, my friends: I won't be a part of Absinthe-Shop in 2011. I am focusing my career in a different direction. It's been great and I have met some amazing people, but I have another path to take. Be happy for me and thank you for your support. xx" That was my announcement a few minutes ago on Facebook. It's true, I'm hanging up my absinthe sales hat. I'll be resuming my duties as a general enthusiast in January. (And I'll still be here, no worries.) This change is a good thing and without going into details, I can say that it is not due to any business relationship problems or other potentially negative things - nope. I'm just going a different way and it's been a long time coming. Thanks to all of you for your support and special thanks to those who supported the shop with your purchases. You rock and I am grateful. It's been an interesting year in a lot of ways and I am ready to say hello to 2011.
  10. To my knowledge, Alan doesn't deal with that product line... Also, my supplier for it is the same as a few others out there, RueVerte included. Our Sapphire well is dry.