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  1. Sauvage. The Doors. (Don't) Light my (Absinthe on) Fire.
  2. Hello All, I recently had the pleasure of attending an Absinthe tasting at Scotts house.He was brave enough to invite me based solely on my desire to obtain a bottle of Ridge(I didn't know where to find it on the East coast).Well, Scott had some and basically said come on over! Well the Ridge was great as was the company. Many of Scotts neer-do-well friends were in attendance,some noobs(like me)some not. I learned alot but the coolest part was the evenings theme: We got to drink excellent Absinthe out of many of the items in Scotts book. Just thinking about who might have held those same glasses and spoons 100 or more years ago gave me chills(or maybe it was the air conditioning). Seriously though if you aren't lucky enough to live near Scott....buy the book(I did).It will make a great addition to any coffee table. Great work Scott!
  3. Hi boys & girls I was away for awhile. I hope you are referring to the availability of Ridge. I live in N.Y.(Long Island). I'm keen to try this. But, how????
  4. Hope yours arrives faster then mine. They shipped it on 9-9-10 and I'm still waiting! Anyone else have a sad DHL story? I know my order is in country...the last I heard it was left at U.S. customs. Those bastards are probably "looshing" as we speak.
  5. Fx master Rob Bottin did the fx for The Thing as well.
  6. And the winner is: The Howling. It was released in April of '81. American Werewolf in August. Either way...a great year for Lycanthropes.
  7. Actually I think "The Howling" with effects by Rob Bottin may have been the first to show the change from man to wolfman.
  8. Hello All. I don't mean to waste anyones time(though I guess thats not possible since it doesn't exist) but I have a(stupid?) question. Wouldn't it be in Pernods best interest to release absinthe made from an original recipe instead of the present offering which has been met with less then a stellar critical response? You folks know more about the day to day intrigue concerning all things absinthe. Why do you think Pernod hasn't done this?
  9. 1) Meadow of Love 2)Meadow of Love 3)Meadow of Love To quote Jim Morrison at the infamous Miami concert: I'm talkin' about love!,I'm talkin' about love!,I'm talkin' about Meadow of love! OK. Prove me wrong.
  10. [quote OMG...you must be one of those blood drinking Satan worshippers! Devil go out!!! You say that like it's a bad thing!