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  1. Thanks for the post Brian. We're happy with the direction of the product. It's not perfect. We're still working on color and anise balance but it's definitely an improvement. It will be a little while until we deplete inventories of the current bottles. During that time I'm happy to try to get samples to those who might want to give us further comment. I really do appreciate the feedback we've gotten from the WS on our product and communication. I know we'll never win over everyone but I think we've made progress and are continuing to listen and learn. Thanks. Minott
  2. Ben - I contacted Absintheology earlier today to request these changes. Hopefully these statements will disappear soon. "Inspired By" is a good idea. Thanks. Minott
  3. I appreciate that Joe. It's small steps but hopefully indicative of good intent going forward. We're listening and learning. Thanks. Minott
  4. Absolutely. I have already written to some that I could see currently online requesting clarification. Our site does not even reference the term "thujone". Thanks. Minott
  5. Not unless I was hallucinating!
  6. Hi Alan - You're right that it's confusing. Lots of the recipe was based on a very old formula but modified when we produced in 2007. Sorry if it appears misleading. Such references are not found in our current communications. In addition, the adjustments we are currently making to the product, including increased anise and more natural color, are more reflective of the original recipe. I will try to contact the absintheology site to clarify. Thanks for pointing it out. Minott
  7. I do have a better knowledge and we're making adjustments to the anise and color now. I'm hopeful that we will have a product that you will appreciate. Thanks. Minott
  8. Thanks. I appreciate that perspective. I actually find this dialogue helpful in better understanding the definitions of traditional absinthe and the importance of very clear communication. I think we're moving in the right direction. Thanks again. Minott
  9. I'm very serious about the improvements we have planned. It remains to be seen if how you will judge it but I am hopeful. In the meantime, thanks to those above. I learn a lot here and would like to stay. Minott
  10. Sounds like someone didn't read the first 6 pages! Hi Ben- I'm here. I'll stay unless you prefer I go. Minott
  11. The definition I subscribed to in development is the general one that absinthe is a higher alcohol content spirit 45%+ containing predominant character of anise with fennel and Grand Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and green color in the case of the french verte type. You can save yourselves the trouble of attacking this. I understand now that following the was probably naive. I've learned a lot since then - much of it here at WS - thus the changes I have planned. I am becoming skeptical myself that even with the changes and best intentions, the general consensus here will be that you don't like Tourment. We are going to do our best however. Thanks for your feedback. Minott
  12. Alan - Not sure where you are but it's very late here and I am exhausted. I look forward (I think) to picking this up in the morning. Thanks. Minott
  13. Alan - I think you're exactly right. Needless to say, I believe Tourment is absinthe and can point to lots of definitions that support that belief. In the WS forums I now see more a specific definition. It is not my wish to argue the relative validity of definitions. I have announced our intent to alter the formula because I think it will improve our product and also because I believe it will meet the WS definition. I am not trying to quiet critics. I am trying to develop the product. Common ground?
  14. Wow. I've just logged on after work and there's a lot to respond to. Where to begin? 1. I joined the WS because I thought I would benefit from the knowledge and insights you all have. 2. I joined at $20 because I thought that was what seemed right to do. No agenda. 3. I announced my intent to change the formula because I believe it will improve our product. And if those changes aren't right I'll change it again. I think products can and should evolve. It has nothing to do with TTB or consumers. 4. I would like our product to be commercially successful but I would also like it to be respected by experts like yourselves. 5. "Starting Over" is not economically feasible for me. 6. I understand your skepticism. The only way I can demonstrate my sincerity is to show you the product. 7. There seems to be an assumption that this is all about money for me. That is not the case. I'd like to be a part of re-establishing absinthe as a viable part of the US spirits industry. 8. There is no bad consultant to blame. I received advice from lots of people as we developed the product. Maybe some of the advice was mis-guided but ultimately the final decisions were mine. 9. I don't see anything wrong with making an absinthe that can be described as made for cocktails or using absinthe in full measure as substitute for other spirits such as vodka or rum. Many mixologists we have met seem to like working with absinthe in this way. I realize this may not be the historical tradition but does that make it wrong? 10. I have never said we are the only one that can be mixed in cocktails. We have focused on this because I think it is an area of serving absinthe that needs education. Many people know about the traditional drip but less know about absinthe in cocktails - at least from what I see. 11. I believe Tourment can and will be an absinthe that you may all enjoy. I need a little time to get there. Finally, I need to ask if you really want me to be part of your forums? The apparent anger and vitriol in your posts makes me think I might be intruding in a place I don't belong. I really do respect your opinions and your desire to protect the integrity of absinthe. Would you prefer I not participate?