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  1. I confirm that i am not . My choices were very limited until i found the Absinthe Saloon. All thanks to someones signature, I dismissed it before, but despite having a little bit higher prices they seem to have a better range (as far as this newbie can tell). I enjoy drinking, mostly beer & spirits, but occasionally wine. (And when i am really broke, Goon *shudder*) Checking those threads out nao .
  2. That sounds very sickening... Got the recipe? My Girlfriend is 2nd generation Italian.. I'll ask her about it. That's very weird. But it is a relief to hear that Americans don't pour gravy, that you use on meat, on biscuits. I'm not i would like to try something like that. Or than again..
  3. I could have sworn i posted a reply. Did it get deleted? Or was i stupid an clicked out of it... Maybe now is a good time to sleep. I wrote a rather larger post, but i really can't be bothered retyping it up. So i will just summarize. You people = Awesome. Site = Amazing. Best site regarding Absinthe in the world (As far as i have discovered). A great many books could be written with very valuable absinthe information from this website. Have a good one.
  4. I have never heard Gravy being referred to as Chocolate sauce. I meant Arnott's Caramel Biscuits, They are coated in chocolate. I had Tim Tam like chocolates tonight as well... I guess i haven't learned my lesson. Sick again.
  5. I only discovered that review database after i posted, sorry . I had a quick peruse through some threads though, evidently i do have a lot of homework. Mansinthe will be on the maybe list than. If not i may just buy a bottle to keep as a collectors piece. I can't see Mansinthe being a long term Absinthe product. If it does Manson has done ok to secure his place in history. I will keep my eye out for Danny . Cheers guys! The Absinthe Rabbit Sorry to bother
  6. I am pretty glad i did . I read that most Czech Absinthe is horrible, but i saw good reviews of Absinthe King. Until a few minutes ago when i was browsing the reviews section. I think i will take their bad experiences and learn from it. Apparently its quite a terrible bottle. I was lurking and found someones signature linking me to an Australian site. It has a nice selection, I am looking at Mansinthe. A lot of the reviews on this site are not too bad, though i have found a few quite bad reviews else where. I have visited your Mansinthe thread, and i am afraid i have some bad news for some of you.. I'm a big Manson fan . Not as big as i use to be, but still pretty big. But i read some people are also fans.. Awesome. I was going to steer clear of it, but now i think i might give it a go.
  7. Sorry to say i'm not. All bad choices? Or did i ask too much?
  8. Hey guys Sometime this month i will be buying my first bottle of absinthe. I am most likely going to buy online. My choices are, unless someone knows of another legal alternative, as follows: Absinthe Original Bitter Spirit Absinthe Original Innocent Absinthe Original Staroplzenecky Absinthe Absinthe Couperose Absinthe Verdoyante Or maybe! (As i am trying to set a budget) A bottle of Absinthe King. Sorry if most of those names don't ring a bell. Their names are pretty much all that is on the bottle. I have seen on ebay some bottles of Fruko Schulz Absinth, and 'Red' Absinth that looks like it is made by Staroplzenecky. Anyone tried these? I know that red Absinthe is made using either Artificial coloring, or flowers (Hibiscus flowers, most commonly, if i recall).. But besides the color is it any different really to natural green absinthe? Same thing with clear absinthe. Sorry if this is asking too much.. Unfortunately Absinthe is so expensive! Even despite its high alcohol content. The bar up the road sells shots of Absinthe for i think $12-18 (AUD)? Its ridiculous. It's a wonder why someone doesn't open a Distillery in Australia (I know there is a few already), and create a less expensive line. But with Taxes i don't know if that would be possible. At most they could shave $10 of the price. I wonder how cheap it would be if it didn't have it's history.
  9. I shall keep an eye out . A bit off topic: I was just looking at your site, Joe. I like the still.. Shiny ! I will be sure to keep lurking and and maybe buy a bottle when you open . That's if it's legal to transport it to Australia?
  10. Thanks It only occurred to me a few minutes ago, kick me if i'm wrong, but did you say that because of a commercial rabbit called "Trix" or something like that? I read a quote a few days ago, i think it was American, and apparently the kid says "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.." or something along those lines. Sorry if it's not, its been sitting in the back of my mind, just curious.
  11. Whose Danny? Is that GStone?
  12. First attempt at a Hydro garden. I have had the stuff to do it, but i have been putting it off. If/When i ever get around to it, i will post the results if people are interested. Was tired when i wrote it. I know a decent amount about brewing and distilling. Mind you i only occasionally brew beer (Its legal here). I wasn't looking for a high . I am just interested in Hydroponics, saw some seeds and figured i could grow them for practice and sell the seeds and what not. I have never had Wormwood Tea, so i assumed it would be worth the try while i grow it. But now i am thinking i don't want too . I am still waiting on a bottle of Absinthe! I had some a while ago but i had a lot of beer and i got lucky on the pokies (I never usually play) so i was doing jagerbombs with friends. I know Thujone doesn't have a 'high' but wine makes me feel head heavy, and few other alcohols have different effects on me. So if anything really (in the 'effects' department) i would be looking only at that. But my interest is just in drinking. At first i read that as "Magical Herb Garden" Hmmm? I have been thinking of growing a medicinal herb garden. Not a fan of drugs other than ibprofen, (That works wonders). Had some bad experiences with prescription drugs. Mmm... Its either that or Tomatoes... Too be honest i am swaying between both. I think the tomatoes would be easier by far. Thank you for the information, especially GStone . You have all convinced me... Normal Tea might be best to stick with. Or maybe Cammamile, I like that Tea. Ciao! The Absinthe Rabbit
  13. That's a pretty big response. Thanks for making me feel very welcome . New South Wales, Newcastle. Alice in Wonderland reference perhaps? Things are wonderful here down under. Thanks for asking. I think i am going to enjoy it here . Ciao! The Absinthe Rabbit
  14. Hey Guys Absinthe Rabbit here direct from Australia. How is everyone tonight? I am quite tired, and slightly sick from eating a lot of chocolate biscuits . Ciao! The Absinthe Rabbit
  15. Hey Guys First off i'd like to say i love your forums, i have lurked here many times. Its only now i have been bothered to sign up. Sorry if this is the wrong section, but it is more about Tea than absinthe. So i assumed this would be a good place to post. I read about Wormwood Tea, and i am curious to try it out. But i need to know how to measure the thujone. Plus, I am pretty curious as to how commercial brewers work out their thujone content. Even if it is different to how the everyday person would do it. Has anyone tried making Wormwood Tea? What was it like? I have read the rules, and to clarify i dont want to know how to make Absinthe, or do i want to know anything about distilling... (I'll leave that to the professionals). I am just interested in the methods used to ensure that the limits of thujone dont exceed recommended amounts. And just curious on how the brewers do it. I know how Absinthe is brewed without going into detail, but it just has me stumped. I am going to be growing A.A Wormwood in a hydroponic setup as soon as i get my seeds. I look forward to being an active member of this site. Thanks for having me. Ciao! Absinthe Rabbit PS: If i have written something wrong, or have mistakingly broken a rule, i apologize.