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  1. I went to the review page but I couldn' find it to review, and I'm not sure how to get it added.
  2. -Color- Before Water: Pale rose water color. It appears much daker in a full bottle than it does once it is in a glass. It is a very light oor almost clear , but it is reassuring considering the unusual color. When I heard "red absinthe" I honestly expected a more artificial look to it. After Water:The drink ow takes on a more upfront white cloud, much like you'd expect from a blanche. It is almost pure white with only a slight tint of red when examined over a light source. -Louche- A little quicker than I expected, but I think I could have used a slower drip too. The louche starts at the bottom and a white cloud and slowly bellows up to the top moving from the outer sides of the glass inwards until the whole drink takes on a nice fluid white color. -Aroma- Before Water: A very unusual aroma. The hibiscus is the main note I picked up here. Kind of over powers everything else before water, but I didn't see that as a bad thing. It seemed a foreshadowing of what was to come next. After Water: The hibiscus really comes out as the water is added, but it is much more balanced. It now takes on a sweet floral aroma. I felt as though I was walking into a nursery, with the subtle anise (Very subtle) and citrus aromas all swimming together you get a very nice earthy smell that is very inviting. -Flavor- Surprisingly smooth. Even though it smelled absolutely delightful I was prepared for the perfume trick: It smells delicious but you would be a fool to put it in your mouth. But, happily the taste is not a far cry from the taste. It was very floral and surprisingly sweet. The taste is kind of tricky for me to describe because I am not sure what the dragon wormwood is supposed to taste like. For the sake of completing the review I will assume it is not that distinct from Artamesia Absinthium. The taste is an interesting merging of the hibiscus, lemon and what I'm pegging as anise, but anise certainly is a side note here. The hibiscus might be a little strong for some as it is definitely the main attraction here. The mouth feel was a bit light on this glass, but not terribly light, just not the creamiest. I may have added a bit too much water to this glass because it was a bit lighter than my first glass from last night, so I may come back and alter this review slightly later. -Finish- The finish is mostly floral again. I have to equate the finish to sort of herbal tea. During the majority of the drink you get the nice marriage of flavors and then it finishes with a subtle sweetness that either you added or came with the drink to help with the naturally bitterness. Of course that's not to say there is not natural bitterness but that adds to the intriguing floral flavors. -Overall- I am not the most experienced member here, but I'd have to say it was a GREAT absinthe to have as a learning tool.I love how different it is. I wish the anise was a bit stronger but that may be an easy fix with some water ratio altering. For a mere $33 it is one of the most affordable Absinthes you'll find, that is if you can find it!
  3. Yea thats what it is very floral. And no I haven't I may have to look into it one I hear your take.
  4. The smell is extremely unusual. I almost want to say beets. It's kind of a weird veg smell with a With a hint of somethig sweet I think the citrus. My bottle was batch 3 and bottle number 63 as you can see in the photos. I will right up my review after I finish this glass. I just wanted to spread the word before I drank up. "we've started with the traditonal 1800's recipes and herbs to give our absinthe superieure the clean notes of a classic blanche the went with the unsual, including citrus, tarragon (dragon wormwood) and red hibiscus for floras tones and colors.
  5. The pronounciationss of fountain and fennel made me giggle a little.
  6. Good news..Your questions will be answerd this sunday. I am going to the party source this weekend and will snag a bottle.
  7. That's interesting.I'll try that next time. I just throw ues in.Some times I over do it and it doesnt drip at an I have fish out the cubes..Thanks for the tip! As for the fountain now that I have my dripper I don't use my fountain as muh any more.I need to patch up the dripping on it but it's too cumbersome for a one man event.
  8. Oh man, I remember these guys! I messaged them a few months ago and they said they'd like to try another sometime, so hopefully they took the plunge once more. Jason, I think Boggy put it best when he said "The right dose is the one that suits the drinker"... Yea..Thats what I figured, because I remember you telling me that it depends on the absinthe and my own palate. I was just drinking at the time so my thinker locked up. :p
  9. That's...Differen't. I usually put a bit more absinthe in when i make it..But thats just me. But on a more serious note Have I been measuring my shot glasses incorrectly? I've been making the shot glasses almost over flowing with Absinthe and water. :p still doing the 1:3.
  10. Jungle Jim's also stock lucid.
  11. I was up there last weekend, definitely an awesome place to get Absinthe. And the guy i spoke to really knew his stuff and had a few words to say about Pernod.
  12. Oh yes..Ben knows how I feel about Obsello. That one is definitly an Absinthe you can't pass up just like La Clandestine. Which is my other current favorite. There are still soo many brands for me to try, myself. :p
  13. It's awesome that you joined-up!^_^

  14. A Can't we appreciate the crap from a distane? With how bad I've heard the worse of the worse is, I'm glad I had guys like you to drink it for me and shoo me away from it. May have scared me away from Absinthe. But I did make the mistake of having La Fee Verte as my first bottle like I said in my other thread. *shudders* I used to think it was pretty good.
  15. I always forget to post in these types of boards before I start running around and posting everywhere else. I've only been drinking Absinthe for about a year but I am already hooked. A friend of mine gave me a little La Fee a few years back at a party and I knew that it was something I wanted more of. La Fee was the first bottle I bought when I turned 21, I turned 22 about a month ago, but I have since moved on to better drinks. I'm still sort of an Absinthe Newb, but with the help of AbsintheBen and a few other friends on myspace I have learned a lot in a short time. (Mainly that the friend who go me hooked on Absinthe doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.) I went from being told Czechsinhe was just aother type of Absinthe and just as good, and the fire method is just a cool way to serve absinthe and get girls, to avoiding specific brands like the plaugue based on friendly caution and not even using sugar anymore...Well for the most part I sitll drip a suar cube in on occassion, but recently I enjoy the taste un altered with just water. I look forward to any interesting duscussions and I hope to be fast friends..:p