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  1. Is that even physically possible?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> shall I post the emails and upload the info from the flying monkeys? (its been a week...i dont have the flying monkey info anymore) actually, my assumption is that the email was sent at least 12 hours after the product was actually shipped....i mean it seemed impossible to me too...but, add in time zones change and all....it happened! really. I have no need to lie. I swear on my grand mother's grave this happened. figure...UK (london?) to NYC, leaves UK early thursday. Arrives NYC late thursday afternoon or thursday evening. loaded onto the flying monkey trucks and driven through NYC, accross the hudson river to jersey city. Delivered friday morning...I missed them, picked it up from the monkeys on sat, drank all day sat so I never made any follow up posts until now. Drinking yummy absinthe now.
  2. the monkeys used by Marcus will deliver on sat and sun...but I only know this from experiencing those monkeys delivering musical equipment from a US retailer, not via absinthe I just received my latest LDF shipment (after experiencing the similar delays as everyone else) and they were different monkeys than the other 4 times I ordered from LDF. These monkeys would deliver on saturday (I'm certain not on sunday)...but they were peculiar monkeys. And Ild love to bring it up and discuss this, but obviously we don't identify monkeys. HOWEVER I got the email from LDF saying my order had been shipped on THursday and the monkeys came and missed me on friday morning. I went to pick up the order earlier today and they had it in a pile to place on the truck....they would have brought it to me this afternoon had I not been there at 10:30 am to pick it up. Point being......a 1 day time period from london to jersey city, for which the only reason it took 2 was me not being home to get it after 1. Freakin' WOW.
  3. Oh, Ok. I do the cultural stuff, not the biological, and simply added the cooking tip to be humorous. I stand by everything else I said in my post. I hear eyeballs are supposed to be squishy. I wonder...if you drip absinthe over them, will they catch on fire? Could give a new twist to the czech sugar ritual.
  4. People don't eat people for nourishment. There are no ethnographic examples of eating people for nourishment, historical or otherwise. People will eat people for symbolic reasons and under highly ritualized circumstances--Iroquoi eating the heart of an honorable foe, Aztec Priests chomping down on a freshly cut out heart all in the name of Huitzlapachuli. (Note: I just spelt Huitzlapachuli incorrectly) People will also eat people under instances of extreme stress and starvation--like in Alive, but this also ooccurred on Easter Island and among the Anasazi found in the US southwest, but like 1000 years ago. Perhaps this qualifies as nourishment, but it is never done as a common dietary practice. Word to the wise, if you after have to eat another person, be sure that the brain is fully cooked. You can get a severe and fatal neurological disease if you eat undercooked brain. And you will actually die smiling due to the neurological affects. I doubt even absinthe can prevent this inevitability. --your friendly neighborhood anthropologist
  5. hey...my stepmom got me a bottle of jade verte suisse for xmas! best christmas presant of the year
  6. when telling friends and aquaintances about my new obsession, I met one dude who had had some absinthe from spain and was very interested in what I was learning about French and Swiss absinthe. The two of us joked that next we want to try laudanum. His girlfriend then told us that laudanum was absinthe and opium..... I had to explain tactfully that it was not, that it was alcohol and opium. I didn't want to insult her or the guy I had only met two or three days before. since then, a few folks I've spoken with have been convinced that absinthe was an opiate.
  7. During my first sip ever of absinthe I made sure to listen to Professor Longhair, the New Orleans pianist. It felt proper to listen to New Orleans music during my first absinthe. I love so much music and so many different kinds of music that I have no set music rituals for absinthe...but Professor Longhair does seem to make frequent appearances while Im drinking. Cyrus Chestnut is great! A bit underrated. If you like him, you should try Marcus Roberts. And Keith Jarret is one of the most significant jazz pianist of the post-Coltrane period....probably THE pianist of the 80s and 90s. Among my all time favorites along with McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock, Cedar Walton, Monk, Bud Powell, Wynton Kelly.......and on and on and on....
  8. Ill keep an eye out for Razzouk. While my 'hood is mostly Latino, Jersey City is one of the few places in the country with a large middle eastern/muslim community. The closest liquor store to my home caters to that community a bit more than to the latinos. I think there is a fairly wide range of araks there. and speaking of latinos...ever try agua diente, the colombian anise drink? mmmmmm
  9. I have a bottle of Al Wadi Arak that a friend brought over once. Is this considered a decent brand? My buddy and i drank it back in the summer when he came for a visit, but i had a glass last week and I found it ok, not great. It made me want absinthe...I was out of absinthe last week.
  10. um...since my friend manages the vasmay lounge....I was trying to avoid posting the name of the place without her permission Vasmay is NOT a lesbian bar. Meow Mix was. Brooke, who ran Meow Mix, ran the place into the ground, spent her lover's inheritance keeping it afloat, bailed on many of her East Village friends, opened a new bar in Brooklyn that is doing very well and she now bad mouths the east village crew she used to be so close with...IN PRINT INTERVIEWS! I didn't know her well, but I always liked her. Opaline is owned by the same guy that owns Vasmay, THe Library, Doc Holiday's, Nice Guy Eddie's and another bar or two on avenue A (never play monopoly against him). I guarantee you that Opaline DOES NOT serve absinthe. Although I did have my bottle of UE68 in my car one day to share with him to coerce him to keep a private stock of absinthe in one of his bars...he didn't show up that drinking day. I finished the UE before I saw him again. anyway...go to Vasmay, ask for Vykky, tell her you know Rob (thats me) from an online forum about absinthe. She'll call you an internet nerd and pour you a very very strong drink.
  11. my shipment from adsinthvertrieb arrived at 8:45am. Thats just wrong! Obviously this is couriers fault and not Marcus'...who I emailed and he responded "Sometimes life is hard!" I had to go into NYC for a few hours and when I got home at 2pm....I had no choice but to try some of the bottles I ordered. But then I had to teach a class at 4pm.......thank jebus for films! I got back home at 6pm and of course I had to try some others and now, I have to go out to a rehearsal at 8pm........ Absinthe amer? not great, but I bought it to share with people so i dont waste the better stuff on people who have never tried any absinthe. I can see myself drinking this when my primary objective is to get drunk. THe Clandestine? Yummy yummy Duplais? yummy with sugar, a little bitter without. It was distilled in september 2005, does that make it a new batch or updated version? I should have asked Marcus BDF? not opening it for two weeks when I stay in DC at a very close friend's home Montmarte? I have to drive in an hour and a half! I dont know if I'm getting to this one today................... How do I tell which batch I have? All it says on it is 0573/2000...I cant read german at all.
  12. oops sorry. I do know how to pronounce it and I actually can read French at an intermediate level. Im a notoriously poor speller....which is even funnier when you realize I have 4 degrees and am almost done with a PhD. I work as a college professor and often spell things drastically wrong on the blackboard. As in...I'll leave out letters and such....while sober! minor dislexia, its not just for breakfast anymore............................