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  1. Brian, I merely said you were wrong. As you do all the time. I mean no disresepct but you and the WS are NOT the be all and the end all of absinthe, no matter how much you'd like it to be,. Yes, you guys ARE important and relevant to absinthe and the WS has great info, BUT you are not all-knowing and the omnipresent.
  2. You know Brian, I haven't posted here or even looked at this site in a long time and now I remember why. If I post an original thought or disagree with a post I'm told I'm wrong. I just posted about oak barrel aging and you gave reasons not to do it. This was followed up by examples of how you are using oak barrels. ??????. I mean no disrespect. I like you, and we usually agree. But come on. Why not agree that aging in an oak barrel is superior to using a shaft or whatever it was called to do a short cut. You, of all people, should be against short cuts. And 30% evaporation? I know I'll be put in my place for this, but you are doing something wrong or using low quality barells if this is the case. Just sayin'. Now, go ahead and tell me I'm wrong yet again. I'm expecting it.
  3. Hmmmmm, now you've got me thinking that next time I may try aging my absinthe for a little longer
  4. This is very true, however the smaller the barrel, the less aging is required. I find that 3-4 weeks is optimum. I start out with 1.75 liters in a 2 liter barrel and end up with about 1.6 liters. That's nowhere near 30% loss. Now if I let it sit for 6 months, then it's probably a whole different story. However at 6 moths it probably wouldn't taste very good.
  5. I think much of the evaporation has to do with the quality of the barrel. I've had very little evaporation with mine.
  6. Why not just use a miniature oak barrel? They can be had fairly inexpensively and they are made in the exact same way as the larger oak barrels. Oakbarrels Ltd. (I believe is the name) has them. You can also find them on ebay as small as 1 liter. I am on my 3rd 2 liter oak barrel. I paid roughly $40 (including shipping) for mine from ebay.
  7. She is not forthcoming at all when questioned about specifics. Something is most definately wrong here.
  8. My bottles arrived today. Hooray, definately worth the wait. As with last years' batch - SUPERB! Way to go Steffano!!!!!!
  9. Thanks a million for the correction. All of my friends would have missed it.
  10. Tonight there's a great show on the History Channel called "Mysteries at the Museum". They go to various museums and tell the story of interesting artifacts they find there. Tonight includes a segemnt from the Museum of American Cocktails in New Orleans about absinthe. Should be interesting.
  11. Thanks for the info and suggestion Stefano. It sounds like a good and reasonable idea. I'll definately give it a try. I sincerely hope I didn't cause any offense with my questions or comments, as none was intended. Even though the new bottle tastes different, it's still one of my favorites. Cheers!
  12. "presumed""assumed" , I was jusr asking a question
  13. Point well taken, but they still don't taste the same as previous bottles. And, was there only one batch in 2011?
  14. You'll have to forgive my grammar and spelling, I've had several glasses
  15. I wasn't presuming anything. I was merely asking for opinions and if it was a possibilty