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  1. Hello WWS, I'm trying to help fund my masters program in France and have decided to let go of a few antiques. I purchased these items while living in Paris last year. Pernod Fils Chromolithograph by Charles Maire This piece was purchased from the store Vert d'Absinthe. It is the first version of this chromo due to the fact that it lacks an etiquette stating the alcohol content. It dates from around 1905 and is in good condition with vibrant colors The original owner had the piece cut to fit in the frame that it's in now. Originally I paid €250, but would be willing to let it go for 250 american dollars. If you purchase it, I'll include the topette below for free. Shipping is not included but I'm assuming it will cost roughly 30-50 dollars. Show more Topette of 9 doses bought last year while I was in Paris. It has some wear, but considering it's age I think it's in decent condition. If you want to buy the topette, I'll let it go for $30 + shipping. Show more Please e-mail me at maximiliano_moro at hotmail.com if interested. Thanks! Maximiliano
  2. Beautiful spoon and saucer. Very jealousssss
  3. Awesome cane, Clément! You're such a G! One day I hope to have as cool of a cane. I wonder when you'll give it it's first try? -Max
  4. This is really, truly, incredibly bad... Quelle honte!
  5. Ouaip! Definitely thanks to you Clément ... Like a total n00b I had to text Clément a picture and ask if 20 euros was worth it for a Maison Arthaud (I was also unsure of it's authenticity because of the price... But I got it verified later)...
  6. Hello everyone, I posted this on another forum but figured some people might get a kick out of it over here as well... I go to roughly two markets per week and this is the best stuff from the past couple of months... Aside from the first three glasses, everything else was a little over-priced in my opinion (At least in relation to prices you can find elsewhere from more reliable sources).... Anyway, hope you enjoy... Not really absinthe related but interesting all the same... .... Oh, I did find two things that caught my eye. ... These were really under-priced so I was pretty happy =) -Maximiliano
  7. Heure Verte, Yeah, I thought the fountain was pretty interesting. From what I saw they had only two at the bar that time (I'm not 100% sure, but I think the other one was a frenchman model). In either case I was mostly focusing on the fact that I had the opportunity to order *good* absinthe at a bar. I wish there were more places like that around
  8. Yeah... After re-reading my post I'm not sure why I asked a question with such an obvious answer, duhhh ... Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. That's a really great case! I tried googling "antique curio box" but didn't come across the same type of piece. What I did see was mostly plastic jewelry boxes that had nothing to do with what you posted =(... I wonder If I were going into an antique store, what would I call this in order to give the seller an idea of what I'm trying to buy? Just a wall mounted display case? -Max
  10. Oops, my mistake... Then I guess I love "all the things you have for sale" and now wish even more that you were close-by so I cold imagine in my head that I was buying them. =)
  11. I loved checking out your collection. You're located in Vichy? I wish you were closer to Paris =(... Thank you for sharing!
  12. My thoughts exactly! I also wanted to thank Clément who brought this place to my attention. He's definitely the go-to guy when it comes to the in's and out's of Absinthe in (But definitely not limited to) Paris.
  13. Hello everyone, Earlier this month I celebrated my birthday at "La Fée Verte," a very nice Absinthe bar/restaurant located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. I took a few pictures and thought that some of you might enjoy seeing what it looks like. The service there was great as was the brand selection (The supplier is also the owner of Vert d'Absinthe). At the end of the night when the servers found out it was my birthday they offered me any drink on the house. While champagne was suggested I decided on a delicious glass of Edouard instead ... All in all a fun night at a great place. Regards, Max PS- Unfortunately we didn't think to take pictures of the interior, sorry... =(