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  1. I haven't been going through much vermouth lately, so I decant into small 187mL bottles. Sure, there's a tiny bit of headspace ... but better compared to what would normally happen to a half empty 750mL bottle of vermouth that sits around for months. If you were serious, you could also purge it with argon or something to fill that headspace. Also, look into half bottles of vermouth. Buy less, more often ... if you don't go through much. Even Carpano is offering half bottles these days.
  2. Just seeing this now. This sandwich is TASTY!
  3. Hey all! I'm looking for a particular bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle (Pappy). It's the 23 Year Old that comes in the crystal decanter. I have a bottle of this but celebrated a bit too much the night I got out of the Army and poured nearly the whole bottle to perfect strangers (little did they know they were getting pours of what would be $100+ per pour at a restaurant). This bottling is particularly special to me because it was put into barrel within 2 weeks of when I was born in April 1986. Does anyone have a spare set laying around, or know where one might be available? It was released in 2009 and limited to just 1200 sets, so I know there aren't a ton around, but I gave myself a pour of the few ounces remaining on my birthday on Tuesday and set out on a quest to find me another set. Thanks!
  4. Another article? Another article but not in our DIY column, but in our Soda Jerk column. A little more about the history and origins of the shrub.
  5. There might be a little shrub content in our July / August issue which should be out in the next week or two
  6. Just had haggis at Glenfiddich; delicious! Also was treated to some amazing scotch. I tried the current release 30 year old next to a 30 year old from the 1980s, with stocks from the 1940-50s. Worlds apart, and the older version had a nice peatiness in it that's not found in the current release, as it was only peated for a short while due to economic demands. Also are ally enjoyed their Glenfiddich Age of Discovery bourbon cask reserve 19 year. Wonderful bourbon character with a really nice fruity finish. Heading to Edinburgh soon and will be stopping by Bramble!
  7. Haha, oh man, I hate to rub it in, sorry! I was drooling today though ... so David Stewart is the oldest Malt Master in the business, in June he'll hit 50 years. We did a pretty intensive tour, and it brought us to one (of two) special barrels. A barrel labeled as 1963. A barrel that in June, will be 50 years old just as he is. Ah, crazy. BUT ... if I must rub it in .. had an incredible dinner at a 500 year old family owned (and lived in) castle with Montecristo No. 3 cuban cigars and Balvenie 30 year old single malt. :P Obviously, I'm having a great time. The trip is way too short though, will be heading back on Saturday, but Scotland is a great little country. Open to any suggestions if anyone has any for Edinburgh!
  8. Well, I'm in Scotland! In Dufftown now, for my second night. Spent that last two days with Balvenie and their Malt Master David Stewart, learning a ton and even tried their 1966 Balvenie. Tomorrow, I'll head to Glenfiddich and then to Edinburgh where I'll be for two nights before heading home. Any recommendations for cocktail bars in Edinburgh? I'll be staying at 22 Royal Circus. Any recommendations? Cheers! Brian
  9. Yea! Those two were on my list, so that's good. Pepsi Ice / Crystal Pepsi was definitely on my list haha. I'll look into the rest, thanks for the help! Judy, Rye is a good one. Agreed that it never really left, but the surge (oh, another beverage of yesteryear!) as of late .. same with tequila and mescal. Evan, nice tie in with Dogfish Head!! And everyone else, thanks for the suggestions. These will definitely help and help me find new things I'm sure.
  10. I'm doing some research for an upcoming article and am looking for some suggestions. The article will be about beverages that have disappeared all together and beverages that have disappeared and (somewhat) recently be revived, even if just in the US. An example for something that has gone away and come back would be absinthe and creme de violette. An (bad) example of something that has gone away and (thankfully) not returned would be Zima. It can be any type of beverage, alcoholic and non alcoholic. Any suggestions?
  11. Below is an email I just got. I don't see any absinthe though .. The Netherlands national Bay van der Bunt has claimed the title of owning the “world’s largest collection of old liquors”. Sadly, however, he’s willing to relinquish the title for the price $8 million (US). The historic collection holds over 5,000 bottled liquors to include 250 years old cognac, whisky, armagnac, port, madeira and rare liqueurs. The 63-year-old Dutch speaking collector, who oddly doesn’t drink not the precious elixirs himself, has over the years dedicated his life to finding the rarest and finest spirits on earth. Many of the cognacs, dating back to 1789, the year of the French revolution and the inauguration of George Washington as the 1st President of the United States. According to Bay, he and his wife do not have any children or potential heirs who would be able to take care of their prized collection. “So sadly, I have to let it go,” he said with a sense of remorse. “Over the last 35 years, I frequented worldwide auctions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. I bought from famous restaurants like Maxim’s and La Tour d’Argent in Paris and Le Cirque in New York when they thinned-out their cellars. Some cognacs even belonged to the estate of the Duke of Windsor,” he added. Noting that it would take another two to three generations to gather a collection like this and assuming you would still be able to find such rare liquors, Bay said he inherited some of the liquor cache from father, who had inherited from his father (Bay’s grandfather). “My grandfather had hundreds of bottles which my father passed on to me, so collecting is something I have grown up with,” said Bay, who for over 10 years has shared his passion with the world through his website www.oldliquors.com. Admitting he never intend to sell his liquor collection, Bay sadly said: “But now age is forcing me to do so.” However, he’s hoping for a collector who shares his passion to take over the entire collection, which contains many bottles of the last remaining in the world, which makes them very unique objects to have. Otherwise, the rare spirits may find their way to connoisseurs, exclusive restaurants and hotels or even royalty through selected channels. “Collecting cognacs and old liquors was very time consuming and cost a fortune, but it proves to be the best financial investment I have ever made,” admitted Bay. For further information or press enquiries, please contact Bart Laming, Old Liquors, Breda, The Netherlands; Phone: 31.76.529.7737, Mobile: +31.653.861.912, laming@oldliquors.com or visit www.oldliquors.com.
  12. The newest WS post on the Mutineer Blog So You Want to be an Absinthe Connoisseur Part 3: Tasting Events