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    My interests include, but are not limited to: reading, writing, philosophy, theatre, cooking, history, science, architecture, liquor, camping, survival, sports, technology, and music.
  1. seeker of truth

    What are you cooking tonight?

    Right on Shangfu, we have so many rabbits running around but I can't shoot them in the city. We talked about raising rabbits for meat, pelts, and manure for the garden. Tonight I'm smoking salmon.
  2. seeker of truth

    Spicy Cranberry Salsa

    A coworker's wife made a basic version of this salsa over cream cheese that intrigued my own wife after she tasted some that fell out of my stuffed jalapenos. Can't wait to take inspiration from the collective experience. How could you go wrong using NE Cranberry Liqueur? Agreed fpb, she's gone too soon.
  3. seeker of truth

    Straw Colored Leopold Bros. ?

    Definitely not a waste of money. Skol!
  4. seeker of truth

    Sipping Absinthe ;) Listenin' to Music

    Bootstrap Brewing Insane Rush, listening to some jazz on the radio.
  5. seeker of truth

    What It Do

    Does it make you trip ballz? Good for you DanPatrick for coming back from 5 months of hell. I like it MrX. I believe I understand where you're coming from, but people have been referring to absinthe as la fée verte since the beginning of the 20th century.
  6. seeker of truth

    My Steampunk Novella for Free

    Damn! I just missed the free window... by a year and a day Luscious Oily Lesbians!
  7. seeker of truth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Java the Hutt porter.
  8. seeker of truth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Java the Hutt porter.
  9. seeker of truth

    Vegan Pad Thai

    Thank you for sharing this Evan, and thanks to you peridot, my wife found the first episode and we'd been waiting for more videos before I had completely forgotten about the Vegan Black Metal Chef. I laughed so hard at "Lime is optional!"
  10. seeker of truth

    Roquette 1797

    Strange. Has Emile Pernot announced a recipe change? Their website only has seven absinthe offerings now. No more Doubs Mystique?
  11. seeker of truth

    Hello from Canada!

    Greetings and Welcome Max! Most of the stuff I drink is not available locally.
  12. seeker of truth

    San Francisco East Bay

    Hello and Welcome! I just noticed last night that St George makes whiskey and gin. I'm going to have to ask if my local liquor merchant carries their absinthe as well. So far I've seen Leopold's, Lucid, and Trinity. St George was my introduction into the wonderful world of absinthe. It would have been La Fee had I not first stumbled across The Wormwood Society. Since then I've been spoiled thanks to this amazing group. Enjoy! ​
  13. seeker of truth


    Hello and Welcome Daina!
  14. seeker of truth

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Tis a fine drink. Tonight I finally will get to taste Combier's Blanchette.
  15. seeker of truth

    Hi, I'm TJ... (the noob from South Dakota)

    Hello. I find that one's palate is ever evolving. Welcome to the forum!