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  1. awww...thank you and a Happy New Year to you as well! ;)

  2. Ahhh, I just got back from Orange County. Welcome to the board!
  3. Hi T-Bone...welcome to the forum!
  4. Happy Happy Birth Celebration!
  5. Interestingly enough, this happened to me on my bottle of Marteau. I had used an old T cork, I tried to get it out but alas, I did push it down. I even emptied the bottle into another container, attempting to get it out. I could not for the life of me. So...I rinsed out any loose pieces and poured the absinthe back in. I could not see NOT having the Marteau absinthe in the proper container. I have noticed no problem minus a little piece of cork here and there. Now though I use the kind you pull the latch on and it expands in the bottle....oh heck, let me go find a photo. sheesh, that was harder than I thought it would be. but the best part of that lengthy search was finding THIS gem! haha Happy Man Bottle Corker sorry if this is inappropriate, I can't stop laughing though. I had to share. heh
  6. Awesome article! Congratulations! now I am thinking this MUST be my next addition...
  7. Happy Happy Birthday! or...I hope it was anyway, since it is nearly midnight my time.
  8. Hmmm...not far from me! Yey. Welcome to the forum.
  9. No ticket needed for me...I would just drive. Understood that it is not yet a plan, but just the idea is exciting enough!
  10. I would love to meet fellow absinthe lovers...I'll definitely make a point of coming to this! AND I love Seattle!
  11. In California, no alcoholic beverages can be displayed within five feet of a cash register in any store that sells both motor oil and alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine.
  12. OH that looks like so much fun! I would love to find more people in my area who loved absinthe like I do! Welcome to the board, btw.
  13. oooooo....I despise beans. I'm keeping this recipe! When I was little, my mom would take a couple servings out of the pot for me before adding the yukky beans. hehe (yep, I'm still a little girl in some ways)
  14. Welcome ... late, but welcome all the same!
  15. This is mine too. I have two left. :( I ordered 4 from La Maison, put them in my cupboard and only ever used the front two. Once, a couple months ago I pulled the other two from the back for a couple more guests and they were cracked, right at the top of the bubble! I had not touched them after putting them in the cupboard as I only used the front two. I sat them on my counter, thinking I would photograph them and ask La Maison about it, if they had problems like this called in... never got to it and on it's own the crack just kept getting bigger without getting touched. Eventually one glass just broke in half. I finally threw them away. Strangest thing.
  16. oh I so desperately needed this thread! what a hoot! :D
  17. yep, as far as medicinal herbal info it is ok, but that bit about absinthe ticked me off. I wrote them, giving them the correct info, but to no avail.
  18. Wormwood does have a lot of medicinal benefits...but is it really worth the suffering? Wormwood Herbal Info I have written this site (a couple months ago) asking them to update their blurb about Absinthe, maybe a few more letters will get them on the ball.
  19. Only a masochist would willingly drink Artemisia tea. Seriously...my herbal doctor had me drinking it at one time, I can't remember why now, could have been to boost my immune system...but it was god-awful, I could barely stomach it. I am not a fan of bitter tastes though.