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  1. Alot of people speak about Thujone being marketing BS. Why is it that the USA makes such a big deal about it?
  2. He said that it was a very good Absinthe,"a competitor to 1901."
  3. Having some Suisse Verte Clandestine Nice and Smooth
  4. I received an email from Alandia regarding the aforementioned response.
  5. I was ready to order a bottle of Jade PF1901 and was told it is not being produced at the moment. There were 0.2 liter bottles available for 60 Euro which I was told was high. I did not know that Jade PF1901 was so expensive as that would make it around 300 Euro/liter. Absinthe Epoque was recommended. I guess I will shop around to see if anyone has stock avilable on the PF1901. What would be the reason that 1901 is not being produced at the moment? Edit: I assume there are vintage years and/or the batch is not ready for bottling yet.
  6. Thanks again and I will look into the scheduled date for the event. Appreciate the heads up.
  7. I am just starting but I think I am addicted. Must be the Thujone................j/k
  8. I spoke with Mike at Alandia the other day and asked him if he had Jade PF1901 as I did not see it on their website. Seeing it got really nice reviews here I figured I would get a bottleof Jade PF1901 and another bottle of the Suisse Verte. He said that he thought he had some bottles and that he would check and get back to me. He also said that it was a good Absinthe. Mike has been a pretty helpful guy to me and is very much appreciated. Again I am glad I came across this site and became a member as everyone has been very helpful. I have never spent so much on alcohol though. I wonder where the Green Fairy is putting all of these funds
  9. I appreciate everyones replies. They have been very informative. I spoke or rather have been in contact with Mike at Alandia as he is sending me replacements for a spoon and glass that have slight defects. He told me that the thujon content of the Suisse Verte I have is between 20-25mg/l. I will say that I enjoyed that Absinthe and will continue to enjoy it as there is alot left but am thinking to order another bottle of it or rather bottles due to the expense of shipping. The thing is that each bottle costs around US$80.00 but the shipping is around US$50 so it is not economical to order a bottle at a time. Also, I have seen that the Jade 1901 is very highly rated and I think the same price but I would have to get that one from a different distributor. The dilemma being that to get both of these bottles would cost me around US$100 in Shipping. I guess no way to get around that one. I would like to experience the different Absinthes out there but the costs are alittle prohibitive to me regarding the shipping. I could always go US, but again, I am not fond of the idea of the US limiting the way that Absinthe can be manufactured, considering that their reasons for the limitations are tainted regarding their views of Thujon.
  10. Bkultra: I misunderdstood your post regarding #2 but fully understand now. Thanks. pt447: Thanks for the suggestions. I understand the facts about Thujon and that it is the mixture and balance of the herbs that give the effect, but there is something about the US rule only permitting Absinthe manufactured in the USA to contain less than 10mg of Thujon that makes me think that other countries may produce a better Absinthe. If only because they are truer to the manufacturing process of old. This may be a novice way of thinking but it is a thought I have.
  11. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs. That is because I posted from my Touch Diamonmd PPC and not my laptop. (I just went back and edited the post from my laptop) For some reason, while texting, there are paragraph breaks, but they don't show up after sending the post. Anyway, I am typing on the laptop so things should be fine. To Bkultra: There is no "edition" number on the bottle. It was recommended to me by Mike at Alandia. I asked him about the Angelique since I saw many good reviews about it but he said that the bottle I am getting is not as bitter tasting due to the coloration being added during the distillation process or something to that effect. I did notice that he does not have that for sale on his site and am wondering if I am getting an unbiased recommendation? The bottle I purchased has Alandia on it as the Distributor. To GStone: to clarify I didn't drink the whole bottle. I had approximately 4 drinks. Each drink had the reservoir filled with Absinthe or alittle above the "bulb" demarcation point and the balance of the drink was water, approximately a 3:1 ratio. I would like to purchase future Absinthes from a distributor that does not charge so much for shipping but that may not be possible as certain Absinthes are not able to be sold in the USA. Thanks for any additional recommendations and/or suggestions.
  12. Thank you all for the kind welcomes. Much appreciated. Cheers
  13. This is a post submitted in error. Feel free to delete it. It was done via my PPC. Thanks. I read the rules about quotes and this was unintentional. The answer to the question is in a later post.
  14. Hi.I just ordered and received my first bottle of Absinthe, Suisse Verte Clandestine.I am new to the Absinthe experience and did a lot of research on Absinthe before ordering. Alot of education was obtained from Mike at Alandia. I usually go to a third party to get knowledge on something I am interested in so the info is not skewed sp?or tainted. But I found resources limited until I found this site after the fact. Since this is my first bottle of Absinthe ever, I wanted to know if this was a good choice? I have read what makes a good Absinthe but since I lack the experience I wanted to hear from others who have the knowledge and experience regarding the different Absinthes available. I paid $80US for the bottle of Absinthe and the shipping was a killa @$50US! I did order a couple of glasses, a carafe, and silver spoons in addition to some sugar cubes. Mike gave me a free silver item that fits over the glass and has 3 tiny holes in it. I forget the name but it starts with a "B." I did have 4 glasses of the Absinthe in the traditional way. I poured the Absinthe into the glass until the reservoir was filled (ok....I did go alittle over ) I then poured ice cold water over 2 cubes of sugar in a spoon until it was 3 parts water to 1 part Absinthe. I noticed the louche but did not see alot of "action." The drink was very smooth and went down nicely. I would have preferred the drink to be colder though. I had 4 drinks the same way. Maybe alittle too much as after 3 hours I was out only to be getting up in the morning. Next time I will drink alittle slower and alittle less so I can get a clearer view of the Green Fairy:)I hope I posted in the right forum as this post includes a couple of different topics. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer me.
  15. Just want to say hello and I look forward to getting alittle edumacation about Absinthe.