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  1. I see, I have no idea what may be available in northern Michigan.
  2. Are you in Windsor? If so there really aren't too many stores (if any) in metro Detroit stocking much of a selection. Must of the stuff I find is the typical Czechsinthe swill.
  3. I guess all I can do is to keep waiting and checking drinkupny.
  4. Any word on when the special edition will be available? Though I've only purchased one bottle of Obsello so far it's easily one of my favorites, and I am looking forward to the special edition.
  5. I'm in Grosse Pointe Woods, it's northeast of Detroit.
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys. I only regret not finding this site sooner.
  7. I figure it's about time I stop lurking, introduce myself, and start posting. My name's Brandon, I'm currently living in Metro Detroit. My experience with absinthe in pretty limited, the second bottle I purchased was Amer 72, unfortunately the first was Strong 68. I look forward to gaining knowledge from those more experienced than I, while contributing where I can. Thanks, Brandon.
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty new here. Just found this site a few days ago. I have yet to post just been lurking and taking in what I can.

  9. Hi Brandon! New here are ya? :)