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  1. Welcome Justin!! My first purchase was the Grande Absinthe and second was VC. I like the Grande better overall for smoothness and taste. The VC took a while to find the magic water/absinthe ratio............although VC is cheaper!!!
  2. Okay, I had drinks 2 and 3 last night of the VC. I'm warming up to it now. My ratio seems to be 3:1 with sugar. Amazing how the ratio of water can really affect the flavor. Okay, I'm learning.
  3. I made my VC 4:1 with sugar. The earthy flavor just made it kind of harsh....the Grande Absinthe just seem so smooth with a great licorice flavor. Well, we'll have to see how my taste changes after I finish 1/2 a bottle............not at once I did notice an interesting affect. The Grande Absinthe gave me an immediate warm feeling and by the end of the glass, a nice euphoric buzz. The VC did nothing to me till about 1 hr after finishing my glass.........I felt lit!!!, hmm...............light weight!!!
  4. Okay, just picked up bottle #2.................this time VC. Well, dare I say I prefer my first bottle of Grande Absente. Just my opinion, but the VC is too earthy tasting. Is that normal? Am I normal??
  5. So, where around Lancaster are you from? May I inquire as to which brand of Absinthe do you fancy?
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! Well, the inevitable happened last night.........I got finished preparing my drink had about 3-4 sips when my wife came down to the kitchen. I offered her a sip, which she politely refused and set my drink down on the counter top to while I went down to the basement. On the way up the steps I heard this horrible sound of a glass being knocked over....................yes, she knocked over my just prepared glass of Absinthe......a moment of silence please!!! I did for a moment think of slurping it up from the counter top.............but decided to make another after she left.
  7. Funny you should suggest that. I did about 1 hr ago and the store I bought mine from states they have 11 bottles of VC...........well, time to drink up and empty this one.
  8. Well, at $66.99 a bottle I didn't want to waste a drop.
  9. Store I went to only had Grande Absente, Kübler SWISS, LUCID ABSINTHE and the shelf was empty for VIEUX CARRE.
  10. I hear ya......last I checked online for our PA State Store they were taking advance orders for Vieux Carre from Philadelphia Distillery. I will have to give it a try.
  11. No, I picked it up from my local PA State Store.
  12. Greetings - Wormwood Society. I've finally done it. Last Saturday I purchased my first bottle of Absinthe. I picked up a bottle of Grande Absente..............love it. I must say Love at first lick. That's licking the last drop from my shot glass used to measure. Wow, what an incredible flavor!!! I've been interested in trying if for over 10 years....just never got the nerve up to order a bottle from Europe. My wife almost killed me over the price. It's too strong for her........oh, lucky me ......more for me to enjoy. However, I'm hooked and will continue to enjoy.