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  1. I've been watching this show from it's inception and this Absinthe brew took me by surprise. Of course they got it wrong their first try. Too much Star Anise. Next week's episode I hope they are successful. This is one of my favorite reality shows, real or not.
  2. Will this be flyer be posted somewhere on the home page for easy access? It will eventually be buried within all the posts history eventually. By the way. It looks excellent. Very professional. Huzzah
  3. Can anyone identify the liquid in the picture?
  4. If you're not to far from Georgia, it might behoove you to try there first with their selections.
  5. If you're going through Georgia, I'd suggest stopping at some stores there. Florida is still in the dark ages with supply of Absinthes. Pick up some Leopold Bros. for me too, thanks.
  6. Got my CD today and am now listening to it on my new MAC. Sounds a lot like the music I played back in the day. Hard, Heavy and Alternative. I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Great job all of you. Thanks
  7. Total Wines super stores have the typical Lucid, Kübler and Grande Absinte, but also have Mythe, St. George and Pernods.
  8. Clever adaptation to the Alice's Restaurant.
  9. I've studied many of the cities on the forum and noticed quite a few similarities of available brands. Lucid, Grande Absinte, Kübler, LTV, and a few others. Many web sites of brands that are available in the states, I've noticed, have very limited distribution. I was wondering why most states don't carry many other brands. Is there problems with distributors? Is the drink still not popular enough to sell everywhere?
  10. My preferance is drinking Absinthe during a bath with a book to relax me. Horrific Vampire story always make a good cozy read.
  11. Details man. Details. Let's here how the lecture about unrelated subjects went. We also want to hear how well you educated everyone on absinthe. I'm envious I couldn't get there.
  12. Just drink a glass or two of absinthe in front of your missinformed friend(s) and let them witness your experience second hand. And maybe then they will try it for themselves after seeing the TRUE effects (or the lack thereof) on a person. Seeing is believing.
  13. 'You'ns' ??? Do I detect a little Pennsylvania accent? Welcome Geez. I must be a slow typer. Just noticed the last few posts before mine.