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  1. Nope. Purple Chick stuff is a completely different thing from existing sources (but they ARE fantastic!) Apparently, the 9-9-9 remasters will blow everyone's socks off...According to MOJO magazine they're "better even than we'd hoped"... I'm going insane with the anticipation; I like the Beatles like most people like oxygen and sunlight!!!
  2. A few glasses of CLB, louched with my new "Charlotte" fountain that my wife just gave me as an early b-day present! She rocks!!
  3. Just give the word. If you're anywhere near where I'm at, we'll make it happen
  4. Welcome Wayek! I, too, have to agree with everyone who recommends Premier. I've been buying from them for a few years (back when they only had La Fee, which seemed great at the time, but that's another story...) and they've always been great. No issues at all. I also have to agree with the CLB and Taboo recommendations, they're both miles above Pernod. Here's hoping for a few more choices in the Great White North soon!! Cheers!
  5. Just came back from seeing "The Fab Four" this evening, so I'm listening to the new Beatles boot "Revolution Take Your Knickers Off" and having a glass of CLB before bed.
  6. Thanks for all the good wishes, gang, it's really appreciated! This will, in fact, be our first and I'm excited as hell, although my wife is telling me not to get *too* excited until she hits 12 weeks. So I guess I'm gonna focus my excitement on the CLB and Taboo, and hope for everything to go smoothly. While I'm at it, I'll also hope for a Canadian distributor for Pacifique, Marteau, Vieux Pontarlier, etc (hopefully before she's able to have a drink again)
  7. So I get home from work to find my order of Taboo and Clandestine have arrived (I've never tried either before) So I try the Taboo first; surprising smell and even more surprising taste (I've been drinking La Fee and Lucid up until this point). I try the Clandestine second; it's even better! I ask my wife if she'd like to try a glass, and she says "I can't have any. Now's a good time to tell you, I took my second home pregnancy test today..." Awesome!!