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  1. I've thought about wrapping it, but figured it would make it more suspicious, but it would look like a bottle. I'll chance it, though it doesn't sounds like it's a big deal.
  2. I'm traveling to sunny Florida this holiday season and hope to share a bottle of absinthe with my brother and friends. I figured I'd just pack the unopened bottle along in my checked luggage, and I almost didn't give it another thought. What's the risk of this? If any? We all know it's not a controlled substance, so it's not like transporting a pound of pot or coke. So, is the absinthe likely to get siezed by the stupid bag inspectors? thoughts? hopefully this hasn't been asked before ...
  3. I have a .5L of Kübler, I'll try that ratio elfn. I'm saving the Küb to share with my Bro in Florida for xmas! It is hard not to open it. Clandestine is added to my must try list ...
  4. mmmm. 1.5 oz. FG and 3 oz. water is near perfect. 2:1 ... a teeny bit strong, but I like strong drinks. this is much better. the louche is beautiful.
  5. I have the three I mentioned already from the same order. (Kübler, kallnachner and un emile.) And yes, Stroller and Auguru, I've read a lot about sugar, no sugar! Gatsby - that dilution makes sense now that you correlate it with the relative weakness of FG. I'll try it with a bit less water, maybe a 2.8:1, and see what its like w/o sugar. I really want to try the Jades sometime too. Next year ... I'll try the Kübler next.
  6. I finally received my stuff today. Between a warehouse move, a major U.S. holiday and many miles between here and Deutschland it arrived. I ordered 11/5 ... Anyway. I opened the François Guy bottle and was very pleased by the aroma. I tried a bit neat, just to see. I chilled some ice water, measured an ounce, set the spoon and a sugar cube and drizzled away. It tasted better neat. I made the drink with a water-to-absinthe ratio of about 3:1. It tasted a bit weak to me, compared to how it was neat, anyway. I finished the glass and thought it was just ok. I definitely will have more, and can see finishing the bottle. I'll wait to pass judgement on taste until I experiment further. So, my question, at what ratios do most people enjoy absinthe? less than 3:1? More? Maybe I need to use 2 sugar cubes instead of one? Colder water? I didn't taste the old gym socks that have been reported in François Guy by others, but it was interesting. Quite a few different flavors there for sure. I'm curious to try the Kübler, kallachner and un emile now ...
  7. Markus has been very quick in responding in my experience ...
  8. Yep, looks like it: http://wormwoodsociety.org/forums/index.php?showuser=64 Thanks monkeycurious!
  9. ShahHulud - I know what you mean ... while there's more horrid pics than not on flickr, there are some amazing ones too. Like anything on the internet you just gotta know how to find them. This is one of the best pics I saw in what I looked at. He's even tagged it with "do not burn absinthe." Many of the photos tagged with absinthe don't even have anything even resembling absinthe in the picture. Irritating. Crap flickr etiquette AND crap absinthe etiquette. Are people just ignorant? or stupid? no sympathy for this one ...
  10. OK, well, I'm actually jonesing for my absinthe, which hasn't arrived yet ... another story. I'm an admitted flickrite (I'm an amature photographer ...). Flickr is by far my favorite photo site. If you're into photography at all, you should check it out. Flickr has a great "tagging" system and I decided to look at some of the photos tagged with "absinthe." http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/absinthe/ I wasn't surprised to find there are probably thousands of photos tagged with absinthe. I flipped through the first 4-5 pages. There were quite a few that I wanted to post here, but figured I'd just send the link to flickr instead. Yes, they are mostly bad, of course. With photos of absinthe supposedly being "homemade," odd images of people drinking absinthe, and the expected flaming absinthe but there are all kinds of different shots on the site. Some really great ones of what looks like a French absinthe bar.
  11. So lame. Pretty much what I expected. I am glad I wasn't able to tune in! The talk radio I've hear over the past few months is simply horrible anymore. I'm so glad I have my ipod hooked up in my truck ...
  12. I can't listen in, but it will be interesting to see what they say. I'm sure there will be a full report here later ...
  13. doh! you got me ... 10 minutes to much time for that one!