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  1. Two of my favorite movies of all time, Brazil and Blade Runner that is.
  2. I assume this means Twitter. Yes, I saw that too with a link to another site (now removed). I think it was discussed as an error at the till in some outlets (meaning you wouldn't know the price until you buy and you might have been charged the correct much higher price anyway). I suspect this error is probably fixed by now. Ironic that I never made the "birdy" and "twitter" connection, but actually it has nothing to do with twitter. To be honest, I abhor twitter, and the general concept around it. However, I digress, I found it through my normal "get a good deal" forum trolling I do. specifically s-l-i-c-k-d-e-a-l-s.n-e-t..... Good website for generally finding good deals on just about anything...
  3. Just to be sure, I was told supply was not universal from costco to costco (I guess some don't sell alcohol at all?). If you can (honestly I'm not sure if they allow this) call ahead maybe? However, it was definitely supposed to be Costco, Lucid gift box, 19.97..... I make no promises or guarantees otherwise.
  4. Heard from a little birdy that the few Costco's that are carrying Lucid, have the gift pack on sale for.... $19.97 for a 750ml... feel the love... the closest Costco to me is a 1hr drive near as I can tell so I can't even take advantage.. I would go buy a few of these bad boys at that price...
  5. Clandestine down and out. Well the third bottle was tasted, and I must say be it from better watering technique or from a generally better bottle, I was incredibly impressed by the Cladestine. Certainly it was different from the other two vertes I had tried, no doubt about it. However, what I remarked upon mainly was not only was it different from the verte's it seemed to have a personality, different from the vertes as well. Between the Lucid and the Marteau I could easily draw a line from A to B. I could find the flavors easily, and other than differences in complexity, and general taste, I could easily see how the two were brother drinks. The Clandestine however, was more like a cousin, similar, and from the same family tree, but distinctly its own. I could appreciate a slightly lower alchol content, but all together smoother feeling and tasting drink. I could tell a distinct difference in mouth feel from the other two beverages, and noticably different aroma. Now don't let this sound like I am talking the other two down, because I'm not. What I am saying, is that I found them distinctly different to the point of not comparing them at all. They were all very much absinthe, containing the same basic components, but the blanche just seemed to come with a different attitude, compared to the vertes, subdued and subtle, compared to the verte, but not lacking in complexity or taste. I can't say for sure yet, because I want to go back and re-water the marteau and lucid with a slightly higher ratio for fairness in comparison, but right now I am tied very closely with a slight leaning towards the Cladestine as a favorite. The marteau is nipping at its heels, but either from familiarity since I drank it last night, or from actual favoritism, currently the Clandestine is in the lead. More once I get a chance to rewater the Marteau and Lucid with a slightly higher ratio.
  6. Well, tried the Marteau last night. Honestly it came to the flip of a coin on which bottle to try. So, open it was, and down it went, we added one more person to the tasting for fun, and I am glad we did. Absinthe is certainly a social drink, and it worked well that way. What surprised me most, was that the Marteau was nothing like the Lucid, perhaps it shouldn't have but none the less, I kind of assumed that Absinthes would in the end share the basic flavors, and just move around the back end of the flavor. Not so at all. I found the Marteau to be better in color, longer in louche, and requiring just a smidgen more water. Flavor wise, it seemed more even, where the Lucid SCREAMED spice at me, the Marteau seemed like a significantly more put together Absinthe. The flavors combined as one for sure, but each one also presented itself individual and distinctly, and left a final pleasing aromatic taste. Where the Lucid seemed to want to punch you in the face with its flavors, the Marteau seemed to be awash with smell once louched, filling the room quickly, but being subdued in the taste so that it wasn't jarring to the senses like the Lucid had been. To summarize, the Lucid seemed to grab you by the throat, and shake you by your boot straps all at the same time, screaming I am Absinthe! The Marteau by comparison seemed to be elegant, creating a powerful aroma, but a smooth and pleasing taste on the palate. The Marteau was a tango, where the Lucid was thrash metal. Both enjoyable in their own way, but distinct and different in very notable ones. Final Verdict: Nummy! Tonight: Cladestine!
  7. Thanks for the support and comments gang, I took the time to re-read my post and decide how I felt the next day about the experience compared to my immediate thoughts. Everything I wrote seems to still hold strong and true. First, let me jump in on the calling of Lucid a bottom shelf absinthe. I admit, it was a poor word choice, my calling of Lucid a bottom shelf was not meant in the traditional since of well liquor, it was meant more in the bottom rung of what I willing will drink sense. By that logic, the true bottom shelf liquors, are not on a shelf at all. So that is why I was referring to Lucid as a bottom shelf, and thus LC and Marteau as "premium" absinthes. Hope that makes myself clear, and doesn't offend anyone. The one interesting thing I found, and this is certainly new to me, was the "linger" as I will call it. Most beverages have some kind of after taste which then fades quickly until gone. I found the Lucid left a taste that "lingered" for a long period of time, very pleasant to the mouth. Its the first time I had the urge to go get another glass, because my mouth wanted more. It was like the inside of my mouth had a residue which left just a smidgen of a reminder of what I had just experienced, and called for just one more glass. I must admit, its hard not to prepare another glass right away today, I certainly could stand another go around with out flinching. Curious, and a bit scary, I'll just attribute that feeling to my shock from the first glass blowing my expectations out of the water. Tonight is still a question mark, I think we might go with the Clandestine tonight, primarily to change from verte to blanche. We both were curious about the difference in final taste between what lucid delivered as a verte and what the blanche will deliver. If anyone has any watering tips for tonight feel free to share.
  8. Well, I know some of you guys may laugh at me, however round one is complete. My friend who I invited to join in on the tasters choice selection process and myself, completed round one of the tasting. Tonight was the baseline, setting what we will be comparing all further absinthe to, and I would say both of us were blown away. We started with the Lucid of course, as many of you already knew. I wasn't expecting much and forewarned him that this was in fact the baseline "bottom shelf" test. So it should not be expected to represent much in the way of any other future premium selections. The first thing i noticed, beyond the exceptional louche, was the smell. Never in my life has something just blossomed in front of my very eyes. The color from light pale green to opaque as milk took a minute or two, but the herbal bouquet seemed to explode and fill the room. Just putting the glass to the nose was an experience I must say i was taken by, new and exciting at the same time. Following that huge surprise, was the taste. Something I can only call eye opening. After having had several bad non-sinthe's. The taste in the mouth was not only unexpected, but like a wash of taste. From front to back, I had taste in ways I can seldom recall any beverage delivering, including some high end whiskey. I admit, I still am at a bit of a loss for a description. Now, I stand at a point, where I can only consider tomorrow. When a choice between either Marteau or Clandestine must be made. I have to admit, if Lucid is considered the bottom shelf, and relatively bleh in the absinthe world. I am ready for these other two bottles to blow my socks off. Eager anticipation is an understatement if these other two bottles are any amount better than the Lucid. -GK-
  9. Lucid isn't the product that made Ted Breaux's reputation. This is not to say it's horrible...in fact, it's decent...but the Jades are why TB is well known. To clarify my statement, I meant to say that Ted's reputation reflects well upon the Lucid's credentials, not that Lucid created Ted's reputation. Water makes the brew as they say. Well, I think they say it.
  10. Some good stuff guys. However, I want to step back to that tangent. Everyone is talking about using reverse osmosis, distilled, etc. water, and that to get the taste as intended, you have to use neutral flavor water. However, the original intent of absinthe could NOT have ever intended those things. Spring water, actually well water, would be the most accurate water to use technically. So the idea of imparting flavor from the water was either overlooked, for lack of other options, or an expected addition. These early turn of the century places werent exactly running around with reverse osmosis filtration systems in the back room, the water they served in carafes and fountains was most likely, straight from the city well. Meaning TONS of minerals and TONS of taste added to the experience. Just tossing this out there for commentary. Curious what thoughts are. It seems to me, using over purified water is counter to the original serving of the drink, either for lack of a better way, or because it was intended. Lastly, most bottled water, comes from a municipal supply, so in essence, is little more than tap water.
  11. Cold tap water seems to work just fine for me. Brian, I must admit, if i was drinking pre-ban or something out of your more obscure collection, I might feel like tap water was a taboo. Otherwise though, I must agree, what little(emphasis on little) drinking I have done of absinthe, has always been with straight old tap water(iced or chilled). Considering for a moment, any tap water is likely multitudes of levels purer than anything they would have drank back in the day for water. I would venture, going too pure with distilled would be almost a no no. The mineral content of unpurified water surely must bring something to the taste. Just a thought on the topic.
  12. Damn, and did they ever come up with an ETA? Really always wanted to try either original PF, or Jade PF. Curiosity killed the cat and his bank account. Is there a bottle similar to the original PF/Jade PF in taste thats currently found on the market?
  13. Toys indeed! Makes me feel catholic all over again, so many gadgets and gizmos, and ceremony too boot!
  14. Sorry if this is a re-post, but is the Jade PF1901 still around or are they waiting for a new batch. Seem to recall it was something along those lines. thanks -GK-
  15. I think that Philadelphia Distilling "Vieux Carre" Absinthe Superieure available at DUNY would be a far better choice. Cheaper, better and cooler looking bottle. IMO. I definitely considered it, however, I came to the conclusion that Lucid, much like the Kublers, is often tossed to the mass, as the bottle to try if you had never tried Absinthe. Also, there was the tinge of Ted Breauxs reputation, and his fingers to influence my choice. The idea again being that SO many people had tried Lucid, that as a baseline is concerned, it would be much easier to form an opinion off of it. Honestly, it would not surprise me to find out that I would have liked the Vieux Carre more, but it is a newer bottle (compared to Lucid) and as such doesn't have quite the breadth of sampling done to it, as well as general understanding of its makeup and the expectations. Lucid, is a bottle that generally speaking, I feel like I know what to expect from pour to sip, no surprises, no flourishes, no nothing. Just a very straight forward bottle. Again, comments welcome! -GK-